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  1. Ladue Abraham/Subramanian made it to round 11 and tied for 16th.
  2. In order for NASA to actually do the plan, not something else, it needs to be directed. Unless you claim mind-fiat of Obama or the NASA directors the plan probably will not happen. Therefore, it has to go through Congress in order to guarantee the plan happens, which is where normal fiat comes in. As for normal means, if you do not expressly say ~"funding allocation" in the plan text it would force NASA to redirect its funding from another project into your plan. That risks linking into a tradeoff disadvantage. In summation, funding and tradeoff are both opportunities to incite anger in Congress and get a unpopular link, but very few plans have a direct link to the politics disadvantage.
  3. If you could decide between the regular MNDI (6/17-7/7) and the SDI 3-Week (7/8-27) for their senior year of debate in hopes of possibly bidding, which would choose. This is holding pricing and dates irrelevant. I am looking for opinions on which camps will give me the best competition and experience to prepare me for my last year of debate. Which one should be preferred?
  4. On the Social Services Topic: They read Inherency on Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Legal Aid... Then they said they affirmed the resolution. That was the 1AC I went up there and asked for a plan... there wasn't one in writing... Cue five theory arguments and ranting in the 2NR!
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