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  1. How do you get past the payment page where you enter your credit card information?
  2. jimjam456

    Uil State

    Farwell vs. Rankin
  3. jimjam456

    Uil State

    2A semis was Mildred vs Salado and Holliday vs Houston Academy Intl Studies. Finals is Mildred vs. Houston Academy Intl Studies. 3A Finals is Lampassas vs Tyler Chapel Hill 1A Finals is Farwell vs. ?
  4. The speaker points on UIL ballots have changed. You just get 20-30pts now. The rubric is gone although it says points should be based on Organization, Evidence, Analysis, Refutation, Speed of Delivery, and Oral Style. Each category is not individually assigned points though.
  5. jimjam456

    Uil State

    3A - Tyler Chapel Hill, Princeton, Waco Connally all have some good teams. 2A - White Oak, Blanco, Lago Vista.
  6. Don't know seeds but... 3A Ferris CS d. Nevada Community FS 2-1 Iowa Park HW d. Needville HM 3-0 Athens DO d. Smithville MS 3-0 Waco Connally JD d. Gilmer KP 2-1 Graham BS d. Seminole DR 3-0 Paris North Lamar BH d. Decatur RS 3-0 Tyler Chapel Hill BH d. Lindale BS 3-0 Lampassas AS d. Bridgeport BG 3-0 2A Blanco AK d. Centerville CG 3-0 White Oak GM d. Mt. Pleasant Chapel Hill LP 3-0 Wall JW d. Early HM 3-0 Lago Vista OP d. Houst. Acdmy Intnl Studies BG 3-0 White Oak CM d. Clifton RW 2-1 Three Rivers HZ d. Caddo Mills GR 2-1 Holliday BO d. Vanderbilt Industrial JM 2-1 Boling GK d. Holliday BS 2-1 1A Lindsay KO d. Stinnett West Texas DW 2-1 Shelbyville JV d. Mason CR 2-1 Farwell BH d. Louise DS 3-0 Rankin FK d. McLean 3-0 Whitharral AP d. Saratoga West Hardin 3-0 Sudan AA d. Whitharral AA 2-1 Muenster CW d. Meridian GP 3-0 Knox City WY d. Gail Borden MM 2-1 3A Paris North Lamar d. Athens Lampassas d. Ferris Iowa Park d. Tyler Chapel Hill Graham d. Waco Connally 2A Blanco d. Boling Lago Vista d. White Oak CM Wall d. Three Rivers White Oak GM d. Holliday 1A Farwell d. Sudan Lindsey d. Knox City Whitharral d. Rankin Muenster d. Shelbyville
  7. Any suggestions on a neg strategy against an Aff that withdraws the USfg from article 2 of the OST. Advantages are like Property Rights = Individual Rights. Was thinking FX Topicality because it doesn't actually mandate exploration/development. Any suggestions would be appreciated although our judges don't really go for K's or CP's. thanks
  8. Thanks everyone! It was my novice team that hit them and I just don't think they were able to articulate why it was abusive. But this will help us write some blocks against it!
  9. We've hit a squad that only reads tag lines and gives the source for the evidence but never actually reads the evidence. They are able to win because of the volume of evidence they extend from the 1AC. This seems abusive. It forces the neg to use all of their prep time to actually read the evidence if they want to go line by line and attack warrants. What is the best thing to do against a case like this?
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