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  1. Any way to access last year's college wiki (Nuclear weapons topic)? Links Appreciated.
  2. Try giving the 1AC/2AC and the 1NC/2NC. I don't think thats been done.
  3. I am severely disappointed by the pleasure you get when describing suffering. For shame, for shame.
  4. I'm an expert on the object-value system.
  5. Perm are always severance. Even do both severs the aloneness of the plan.
  6. Bump I just want to say that I think most affs on this topic are simulacra, you can quote me on that
  7. Whaaaaat? What are you talking about? We didn't learn any of that, we learned it this way:
  8. "[this file] I guarantee will win rounds.". What kind of guarantee are we talking? Money back? The promise of Endentured servitude? The selling of your body to an independent scientific institution? I can't buy this product if I don't feel secure. I DEMAND COMPENSATION IF (WEHN) YOUR FILE LOSES
  9. "as well as an inclusion of new inventive arguments that the AFF won't be ready to answer". If this file gets bought, won't aff teams be ready for these arguments? It seems like your just screwing us all over by making these args go mainstream.
  10. Lets get the real nominations going. I nominate Daniel Taylor.
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