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  1. 1. no, because my Ricks 01 card says that if the extremists tried to get ahold of those nukes in pak, then india would destroy those nukes. 2. no, the tag of my solvency card states that "it lessens the risk of instability". nothing can completley solve for instability, there will always be even a little bit of instability in every country or place. 3. on indo pak, the extremists arent dumb enough to invade a country when they know that the best military in the world could rape them if they tried. on heg, our military is always growing so its not like were sending all of our forces to fight in afghan and back home have no protection. and although afghan is an expensive war its not like were spending all of our money on the war so we still have heg back home. 4. um for one its nuclear war, nuclear war leads to extenction and extenction is ultimatley the biggest impact there could ever be. oh and if you dont want to "care" about the impact of nuclear war then when we get nuked and the world is desolate you would have wished that you "cared"
  2. whats your point of view on abortion?
  3. its afghan phaseout by SDI
  4. my aff's inherency cards are outdated and i dont really know how to get, make, or cut new inherency cards. can someone help meh?
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