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  1. A different (although not necessarily better) approach that I've seen aggravate judges less is to restrict the overview to quick explanation if necessary and any other arguments that you absolutely can't fit into the line by line - it seems to hurt winning percentage when the judge has to do a lot of work to see what args in the overview apply later on in the flow.
  2. dancorob

    A2: A- Spec

    CX checks. Next.
  3. Not sure this describes Zach Burdette (assunming you're referencing him - he speaks first in the video)...
  4. Michigan dorms now have AC, as per AKall
  5. Well, GBN ran a space elevators for the first semester...
  6. Agreed. I found the same sixth result. Do people even try to look up articles anymore?
  7. kinkaid rt also reads it when not reading transit apartheid
  8. This way doesn't really follow an acronym, but many teams couple the theory objections with permutations as a justification for some of the more questionable ones, especially for theory args that aren't the most persuasive - i think someone mentioned roleplaying good, which isn't really offense because framework debates are *usually* questions of competing methods of roleplaying. I guess the order would be PTSO?
  9. The important thing to remember, though, regardless of the drills you do, is that you are still speaking to a judge - regardless of how fast you are, people won't understand .what you're trying to convey if every word sounds exactly the same. Like nathan_debate said earlier, slowing down and adding inflection to your voice helps take away the machine-like sound some debaters have.
  10. Does anyone know of/has anyone made a warm room or live results page for GTown?
  11. You should also check wikis from the military topic - thats when a lot of the good impact cards got dug up
  12. get c.e. byrd out of this conversation. NOW.
  13. A lot of potential novices like the idea of being able to travel across the country, if you do go to those national tournaments
  14. Actually I would think people would want to run it absent defending vehicles, just for the T debate. The solvency advocates so far are fairly ambiguous as to what developing inland waterways actually constitutes.
  15. Actually most people mean the opposite of what you just said. Agenda politics is dead because of the elections.
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