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  1. Hey everyone i wanted to know if somebody knew a list of space companies that are trying to do SPS/SBSP thanks
  2. Everybody's input is great, keep it coming, but we are trying to think of a bomb NB so no one would want to turn it down
  3. My partner and I have a idea. We was thinking that we should have the DOD to do the affirmative plan (SPS Specific). However it would be to just demonstrate it to show that it works, but not do it. We know that it could be permed but we would have plenty of cards that NASA does not have faith in the SPS so DOD is the only one who can do it. What does everybody thinks about this. PLEASE HELP thanks.
  4. My partner is really obsessed with this counter plan. I need to know what I should run with this. Any DA's will be fine as long as it makes since. Yesterday I was researching things and I couldn't find nothing that made since. If you can just post and explain how it relates. Thanks everybody
  5. I would like to thank everybody who helped me out with my question. I'm not saying you have to stop here but just so you can tell I appreciate the help. Yes there was a error in my first reply by saying T-not topical but it was cleared up. I think I will edit the text so its for "global distribution". I like every bodies ideas about what should be done. Keep them coming, thanks
  6. I know that this is kind of not the same but i didn't want to make another topic for the same case. My partner and I run this aff and the text is basically saying that USFG should do SBSP for distribution to other countries. We got hit with a T-not topical. I wanted to know how we should answer or just change the text.
  7. My partner and I had troubles with this before. Yes we argued that condo is good. Also we found a couple of cards saying multiple worlds are best for debate because it test to see which policy/argument/world best for the round and options are good for debate. Hope I helped you.
  8. My partner and I are really going to crack down on our neg strat. We was thinking on running 6 off and we know for a fact that we will be running Cap K, and EU joint dev CP, but I wanted to know what other things we should run that does not contradict eachother. Maybe something that is unexpected and strong. Thanks to anybody that has suggestions. PS I know that there are tons of neg strats but I like to see what other people think.
  9. Today in a round , i mentioned fiat, then my partner said USFG, and the opposing team got up to do her rebuttal she gets up and say " judge dont prefer thier plan because they have 2 differnt companies doing one plan they have to pick on which company they want to do thier plan"
  10. thee_1

    Effective answer

    For our first debate we are limited to only the files they provide and I dont know why, but they don't have answers to that argument. The aff has cards saying tax incentives are not good, the government dont keep thier word on tax incentives, private companies need more than an tax incentive There are actually no card stating directly that private companies didn't work, the debate argument is that private companies are not going do the affs plan because of the taxes arent enough and needs to do more to even consider private companies doing the aff plan.
  11. My partner and I are running a privatization CP and we need an effective answer for the aff saying tax incentives aren't enough. P.s I may have put this out before but im not sure. Thanks first debate is tomorrow .
  12. What do you think the best CP and DA's are going to be this year?
  13. thee_1

    Final Debate

    As i approach the last debate of the year I need all the help that i can get. Although it will be the smallest final debate (11 teams) I still think it is essential to be ready for any and everything. I need help with a few things. Im dealing with family problems( death & finical issues) and really need to get that togther. So if anybody can help in anyway please do, Thanks soooo much. 1) finding Extra T on this plan text : The USFG should completley remove all military presence in SK and send them to Afghan. 2) creating a Japan DA. 3)Finding a good CP- not consult NATO though, what about like a consult China?? 4) and trying to sharpen up my aff case (more harms)
  14. OH! and sorry for the text lingo, i was on my phone when i came up with the forum so please excuse me
  15. Excuse me mr rawcat.. i am very sorry that i went over the edge with u.. i didnt mean any disrespect.. its just that i am really trying to figure this out because it was my first loss in like 18 rounds.. and i am really beating myself up over this.. i kno why the forum isnt intresting to you.. but i kno that you are very smartand i would b delighted if u can help out.. sorry if my ego was to big to start out with but i am not that kind of person. thanks to everybody for all of your help.., im still looking for others to come with different ideas..
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