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    By the way, if anyone was wondering why the comments were so vicious, it's because this article was posted on the Subreddit tumblrinaction.
  2. The best part of this video is that the 2A who said that was almost certainly not the 2N (which means he insults himself).
  3. Honestly, reread Chaos's post. That is not at all what he was saying.
  4. Any coop aff or CP from this year should work. There was some evidence that cooperation in space solves all other underlying issues. I think it's logsden and miller something, but don't hold me to that. Or you could cooperate over BMD in europe.
  5. Awesome You could've saved your medic by Airblasting him.
  6. It seems as if you're misreading this card. "Cadmium affects the body, and so do other things" is what it says. Unless you think that our stress affects global warming. And I assume Sam has that part (and a lot of the card) unhighlighted.
  7. There was a small percentage problem with the nozzle (volumer or pressure, I believe). It was just a case of them being too careful, since you can't recall a rocket after you launch it. They did a simulation, and the rocket still would have worked fine if it launched that time.
  8. What are you suggesting for an Aff? The article doesn't suggest anything. And a huge problem is that the details of the trucks and the routes taken are unknown, which means you can't change either of them really. Also, did you notice that one of the nuclear trucking roads runs through your town?
  9. I know someone's brother who's in a semi-famous band! Does this count?
  10. Am I the only one confused? There are 7 rounds.
  11. Offense is saying something is good or bad. For example, the aff plan is good. Or the aff plan is bad. Defense is saying something isn't good, or isn't bad. The aff plan isn't good. Usually you use the two together. The aff plan isn't good (any sort of on-case take out), and is bad, (almost any off-case position.)
  12. I'm not too sure how a very small reactor has enough radiation to lead to extinction in a meltdown. Edit: You may be competitive, but you don't solve. The last line of your first card. "This means that SMRs can be placed in remote, inland areas where it isn't possible to site conventional reactors." Leave the coolant debate to the pros.
  13. ^Murray has helped people out from conservative circuits before. Quite a few people, I believe, last year were from conservative circuits.
  14. You already started contributing after your troll spree that occurred a few weeks ago. I think I speak for everyone when I say this is a good thing.
  15. I think the best possible idea would be to give it to a rival team, so that you can see how well it fares against your team.
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