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  1. Ben Hawtof


    never mind, I just learned that our novices are going varsity....
  2. I realize that you're pissed, but this post is probably a better fit on the complain board. Sorry about you getting screwed in NC though
  3. Ben Hawtof


    Is this both novice and varsity mixed?
  4. It would have been pretty crazy if Hooch closed out semis
  5. Ben Hawtof

    Hillman K

    I'm pretty sure this is in the Capitol Hillman K
  6. 2nd round of wake we hit a team running a Kritical SoKo aff with patriarchy and AIDS advantages. We then read that AIDS doesn't exist... I still feel dirty
  7. Jessie Poon:(Department of Geography, University at Buffalo-SUNY, Buffalo) Always awkward to extend...
  8. Zune PSP Go School Lunch ACORN Mecha-Streisand
  9. Can't teams just claim dispo as whatever they want if you don't ask them to clarify? I know one team I faced that said dispo meant that if we permed the CP they could kick it.
  10. HF is a semis bid right? Doesn't 4 bids seem a little high for a tournament of that size?
  11. I just thought that he should be spending more time receiving help then talking about his record. And I wasn't trying to bash UDL or any leagues, I was just saying that lower tier(Novice/JV) local tournaments don't always have the best competition.
  12. I think: Damn..pretty good I think:WTF???? Where does he debate? And luckily for me, that question is answered That explains it, going 5-0 at a national or even regional tournament would require flowing of some sort. I know from experience that low level UDL tourneys are pretty bogus. This post just seems like a, "Look how awesome I am, I just won a local tournament" brag post then a real appeal for help.
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