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  1. Can't say we didn't try. The concept of freedom is foreign to my parents. Also I'll make sure our rising sophomore team is good. I've already started teaching them.
  2. This is how it really breaks down. Slowing down the speed of policy debate would be like forcing football players or basketball players to walk.
  3. We have posted the Heidegger aff on the wiki. Sorry for the delay I've been busy prepping
  4. Hartney do you know which team reads baudrillard on the aff? Anybody have contact with them? They should put it on the wiki
  5. Here's East Side Rankings 1. Jenks HM 2. Owasso LJ 3.Charles Page TT 4. Idk 5. Jenks DR 6. Jenks KR 7. idk 8. idk Somebody please update the east side rankings and somebody from west side post the rankings. It'd also be nice if we could make sure every team posts something on the wiki.
  6. also here's my list 1. Jenks MH 2. Bishop Kelley because they beat Owasso. I don't really have any info on them so I really dont have any idea how good they are. 3. 2 way tie between Owasso and Jenks. I'll explain. Owasso has picked up a new novice as the 1a and if jenks cp goes neg against them then I don't think he could handle a block that is loaded. However, if Owasso goes neg they are more likely to win becasue they beat Jenks CP before on the neg. 4. Charles Page TT 5. BTW A
  7. I dunno Tommy. I have a bad record at sucking at every tournament i've been too. i'm a nub at this debate thing What did Bishop Kelley beat Owasso on? I know one of there teams reads constellation, but can anybody give me some more info(such as advantages)? lol it's just rankings dude. just make your own ranking and put yourself above them.
  8. All I have heard is that Gaston isn't bringing the A team
  9. lol yeah. Daniel was talking about people who don't disclose.
  10. I think some of it might even depend on sides. Owasso A had to pick up a new novice as the 1a though I've heard he's pretty intelligent. lol wasn't the other judge Kaine? I agree that Jenks B is better than Booker T. I'm not sure about Bishop Kelley though. I haven't even watched them debate before.
  11. Personally I think Charles Page TT could be higher on the list. They pulled a 3-3 at heritage hall as a new partnership and they have plenty of time to get used to each other for districts. Their opposition at hh was pretty tough too. They hit St. Marks and Barstow in prelims
  12. Which teams do you think are going to nats?
  13. You could read saga spec. The aff has to specify which saga the plan passes in or the aff can just non unique out of your saga specific DA's
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