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  1. 1) I think there has been a major miscommunication throughout the round on the fiat debate. The aff accepts the fact that the U.S.F.G. won't listen to a debater giving his opinion on Okinawa and won't do the plan if the judge votes aff. The debate is instead about whether the plan is a good idea or not. We can get our environment advantage off the fact that the plan includes USFG and an advocacy of the troop withdrawal. It's the idea of pulling them out not the implementation. By allying ourselves with the Okinawans we are accessing in round discourse and also saying that the U.S. presence is not a good idea. 2) Political action as in any sort of 'political' movement. For example, any sort of protest in Washington for political reasons would be 'political action'. Also, for reasons stated above, the fiat debate on this is misunderstood. 3) no... What representations are you talking about? If you fiat government action you still are acting with the okinawans (your CP text) and that means the K is a Da to the CP. 4) Yes, from the cards....... When dealing with ordinary people, he said, they "revert to the innocence of wild animals.... We elites have cut a path toward a certain sort of excellence consisting mainly of the exercise of power at the expense of others can imagine them returning from an orgy of murder, arson, rape and torture, jubilant and at peace with themselves as though they had committed a fraternity prank-convinced, moreover, that the poets for a long time to come will have something to sing about and to praise.'' Their brutality was true courage He, in fact, was a Nazi, and much of Hitler's ideology was based off of Neech's philosophy (Superman=aryan) and (no morals=killing jews is okay). 5) I don't really have numbers but the first page when you google "Okinawa Rape" is totally filled with multiple different instances of rape by U.S. servicemen. http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=U.S+rape+okinawa#sclient=psy&hl=en&q=Okinawa+rape&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=23c2bd992ac36d9d Also, as indicated this is only one form of biopower, even if there was no rape the U.S. would still be subjugating the people of okinawa. 6) A moral action is one that prevents suffering. (It's a trap!) 7) That's the problem, you said it was a K and I didn't see an alt, you might have put one in there that I didn't see so better safe then sorry. Also, the argument still applies when there is no alt. 8) No, the neg has multiple worlds if you win, but the aff is always constrained to one. That means I can cross apply how ever I want. It also wasn't really on condo, it was more of an argument against the poems. 9) Inaction is the squo and the squo sucks because absolutely nothing has changed. Action is inherently proven to work as explained in the 1ac cross-x when I talked about Foucault's time at Berkeley. 10) Cocaine Carl is the GDS novice debate coach.
  2. ^I didn't do what he wanted so it's not a big deal but here is the 2ac. Sorry it's late, I had a terrible night of homework on monday. It was also semi-rushed so there will inevitably be a few spelling errors. 1. Framework 2. Neech 3. Both Poem K's 4. Case http://www.mediafire.com/?6656kredui6dq6w
  3. ^There are much easier ways to deal with it, but that's an awesome idea!
  4. Great, that's what I thought. We need Judges though. Anyone can do it!
  5. I think that's a good idea. One thing though Is multiple worlds the exact same as conditional because I've never heard it said like that in a round?
  6. 1) How is the CP any different then the aff? 2) what's the net benefit to the counterplan? 3) Who are the authors of the Poems? 4) What are the Poems significance? What argument do they forward? And is it a K or a DA? If it's a K what is the alt? 5) On the K, how is suffering good? 6) On case, am I correct in saying that your argument is the reason why action is bad is because it is part of the mechanism of the state? 7) What is the status of the CP and K(s)?
  7. 1) By adding my voice (and the judges) to the anti-militarist campaign we are standing up against a state which views the okinawans as disposable objects, by changing that perception and making them appear as real people with a political voice we are breaking down a single instance of biopower which can serve as a model for other similar movements. Hom and Yammot has a bit more on that if you want to read through it. 2) Imperialism in and of it's self is only one part of biopower but you can't bring down the whole system at once, solving for imperialism in Okinawa can serve as a starting point. 3) This seems like a DNG trap to me I think it has to do with institutions of power built up over a long period of time to fit various circumstances that have since passed. The world has been steadily moving towards less oppressive regimes in some cases, others not so much. The ones that are succeeding are more open proving that a world with less biopower is much more likely to prosper. 4) The same way Michael Foucault did in the 1970's at Berkeley when he became a specific intellectual and actually got Ronald Reagan to recognize the existants of AIDS. (It's pretty interesting, read up on it) 5) If the judge votes aff he becomes the specific intellectual and the ballot is support for idea. If he votes neg he thinks that the aff is a bad idea.
  8. State Action isn't necessarily bad, however, State action alone can't solve for Biopower. Our in round discourse is actually enabling the specific intellectual to begin breaking down Biopower. By saying that the USFG should do something and allying myself with the Okinawans against the state as a specific intellectual I am forcing a reconsideration of power in the squo.
  9. We won't defend that the USFG will do the plan but we won't kick out of your DA's. So, We'll defend that the allying ourselves with the Okinawans is a good idea.
  10. I got it done a bit early: http://www.mediafire.com/?dydlq888485k89q
  11. Sorry this took a while to get up, I've been a bit overloaded with work the last 2 days and I'm finally getting a bit of time. I'll post the aff tomorrow once I've cut it down but here's the plan text and the 2 advantages. Plan: Thus, I ally myself with the Okinawan anti-militarist movement by advocating that: The United States Federal Government should withdraw its military presence from the Okinawa prefecture in Japan. 1: Geopolitical Discourse 2: Environmental degradation Edit: It's 2500/1500 Policy and we need some judges (K judges would be best I'm guessing)
  12. PHoll


  13. "I decided to take the easy way out and evaluate case before framework."
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