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  1. ok but can't we kritic against static debate, link to Foucault and normative politics, like the aff advocates for political change away from civil rights criticizing the squo? or am i just totally wrong?
  2. hey guys as the 2011-2012 season devoloped i noticed an absence of critical advantages so i was think about adding foucault to my space debris aff i have cards about negitive dualisitic viewsand how that leads to micro-fascist pol. strategies and i have cards that link this to foucault by the way thanks to dustml94 for some of these cards tell what you think -thanks
  3. cool dude once again to anyone who can answer this i dont know what singularity is so if anyone can tell i would be most thankful
  4. thanks gerbil i didn't know that
  5. ok with the google group i've sent the emails to the people who gave me their email address if you have given me your email and haven't gotten an invite plz email me at Tennis12460@gmail.com also to ask again about some early posts i dont know what singularity and doom rock is so if you could help me
  6. ok Jonathon cook you should get the invite email back on my plan for over population i've been focusing on malthus for a while just wondering if you guys had any other ideas just a reminder if any one to join the google group you can just give me an email address on the post or email it to me at Tennis12460@gmail.com
  7. ok guys i got a little bit of a break for a couple days and can restart actually working on this thread and this plan i got a couple questions to you guys about early responses like what is "doom rock and singularity" also screech posted about we dont have the tech to make a dyson ring and dark antonist responded by saying dyson rings are plausible, well i can't find that also I created a google group that is restricted to invites only so i need an email address to invite anyone who wants to join is welcome. i only ask 2 things 1. that you contribute to the plan in any way even if you come up with bad things about the plan then the group can come together and answer it well get a head start on oncase 2. that your not a complete ass-hat (i hate those people) like i said anyone is welcome to join i'll post the few links relating to the topic on there as a start and add later on
  8. sorry guys i haven't been posting in a while but i got exams the ACT and a ton of other stuff to do just be patient plz
  9. i don't know what a google group is :/ i have been looking for cards for impacts heres just one of them http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/campaigns/overpopulation/extinction/index.html thanks for the google group idea i'll look it up lol
  10. Hey guys i'm new to cross-x and i have been trying to come up with a good aff plan. i have been think of a Dyson Ring plan, its not as unfeasible as a full on dyson sphere. The Energy from the Ring would power the Biospheres part of the "ring" so unlike the renewable energy res from 08-09 which by the time the solar power gets to the planet you don't lose 99% to the atmosphere. If anyone else likes this idea maybe we should start to get cards to build the plan i would like that very much ideas for solvency/Inher. 1. over population 2. econ 3. divers. envir again thanks to anyone who gives any advice
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