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  1. Lol, was actually assuming it was this article: http://www.usip.org/programs/projects/gender-war-and-peacebuilding. i should really have read the link. haha .
  2. College Prep's Givan will do great next year, I'm sure. Also, the girl from the GBN A team is also a junior, I think.
  3. Also, what happened to St. Mark's BM?
  4. I don't think I'm dumb for asking why you would like to brand people who attend resource-rich schools as individuals who cannot rightfully have leftist political ideologies. I understand where you are coming from, but I feel like you shouldn't be so quick to pass judgment on kids who do well just because they go to schools with plenty of resources. I personally attend a public school with 70% of kids on the free and reduced lunch program (which is bad for a town in southeast Kansas with less than 12k population) and we maintain a decent budget while doing half-way decently on our circuit. I also don't understand where this animosity is coming from. I don't think kids who attend private schools necessarily have a choice between going to a school in East St. Louis versus a private school in Texas and I don't think we can necessarily blame them for choosing to go to private school if they were born into wealthy families. YOU are dumb if you think calling me or those alleged hypocritical leftists "dumb fucks" is going to right the wrongs that has been done to your program. Also, you apparently are linking this leftist circle jerk to classism in debate otherwise you wouldn't have said what I quoted you as saying. I compared you to Paul Ryan because you appear to be making conspiracy theories about how debate has become a leftist, elitist circle jerk that actively prevents public schools from ever doing well. If this is not true, then please explain yourself.
  5. Could you please explain how the leftist circle jerk has led to classism/elitism in debate, Paul Ryan?
  6. Field Kindley's not going - our budget got slashed after state. :/
  7. This is the best new evidence I could find, but it only talks about the Great Lakes: http://www.cleveland.com/opinion/index.ssf/2012/12/shipping_suffers_as_dredging_f.html IMO, this aff is non-inherent. Also, if you claim small ports as key to solvency, you can probably spin a better inherency story since the projects are mainly being secured for larger ports.
  8. SKNFL: Field Kindley Foster/Wright Pittsburg Brummitt/Cronister Pittsburg Hawn/Matthews Alternates: Field Kindley Kritz/Hendrix Pittsburg MacDonald/Stebbins WKNFL: Buhler Crane/Brookman Hutch Blake/Sain Hutch Krambeer/Crater KCKSCFL: BVW Birzer/Yeamans BVW MacDonald/Nelson BVN Evans/Jones SME Murphy/Tulp BVSW Locke/Super Emporia Haynes/Smith WCFL: Kapaun Meyer/Scott El Dorado Turner/Yates Buhler Estabrook/Harner Buhler Crane/Brookman Hutch Blake/Sain Hutch Crater/Krambeer
  9. Field Kindley is most likely going.
  10. If I recall, this same student also ended up 4-3 the TOC as well.
  11. Quarters Field Kindley defeats Buhler on a 2-1 Hayden defeats Sumner Pittsburg defeats Rock Creek Nickerson defeats (i think) Spring Hill Semis Field Kindley KH defeats Pittsburg HM on a 2-1 Nickerson defeats Hayden on a 3-0 Finals Field Kindley KH defeats Nickerson on a 2-1
  12. This topic would be sweet if it just included cooler countries like Brazil and Colombia.
  13. Transportation doesn't cause racism, racist policymakers cause racism. Infrastructure planning would cause racism, but that is already posted in this thread. Also, it appears to me that you're emphasizing the -ed on caused like racism doesn't occur now. I'm not entirely sure what you're asking.
  14. Thanks! Google maps has the route through KC at just under 500 so I wasn't 100% sure.
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