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  1. Ace


    This really isn't a problem but i was wondering on everyone opinion where to get Timers online. I want one that doesn't only have the minute and second option but lets me pick exactly what time to set it too.
  2. Anyone know any authors or popular cards that say West is the Best?
  3. Ace

    Aff solvency?

    That great advice but i just recently change the aff to something like an asteroid mining aff because adverting an asteroid strike ended up being an advantage to the get off the rock aff. But thanks u gave me some awesome info i can use for the Get off the rock aff because we relocate humans to colonize space instead so we avoid extinction.
  4. what would be the possible solvency cards for an Asteroid Mining affirmative? and also can i get help with the Plan text i don't know how it would sound like, like do i say the usfg should use robots to mine asteroids or something near that line? these are all serious questions and any help would be appreciated.
  5. Ace

    Plan Text

    Ok i need help making a plan text and it for next year topic and i want to use a space colonies Aff in found on backfile can anyone give me an idea what it would sound like. The aff is a basic get off the rock aff with overpopulation as an advantage.
  6. Ace

    evazon problems

    probably there still fixing/updating everything i'm sure it will be up in a couple of days
  7. Hey does anyone know if the space junk is owned by anyone or any corp. like if the usfg leave the left over of a satellite there does that mean the space junk is owned by the usfg or is it just there without anyone wanting to claim it
  8. well the net benefits to the CP are because we don't a have plan text we solves the impacts of our net benefits which are statism and normativity i think?
  9. i know obviously the basic of a CP is that it must be Competitive by either being mutually exclusive or net beneficial, but does a CP really need a plan text, because I've seen CP that say's "we advocate the aff minus the plan text" is that a legit CP?
  10. Ha point taken, that why you always gotta flow a withdrawal from Okinawa bad link is much worse than a withdrawal cost political Cap. link
  11. My favorite part about debate is purposely under covering an politics argument and then seeing the 2NR going for it thinking they have won the round on the argument and i just extend plan popular.
  12. Ace


    this maybe a simple question to alot of you but what does err neg on theory really mean?
  13. Ace

    Speaker Points

    i really want to improve speaker point can anyone give me tips like what do most judges prefer how can i practice getting high speaker points and so one. my speeches are 2A,1N and if it help to explain why i don't have high speaker points i have a partner who cuts me off in cross-x and tells me what to say sometimes in my rebuttal speeches
  14. Ace


    can this issue be turned into a CP or a Time frame CP like it could say the USFG should first help Japan recover from the 8.9 earthquake and stabilize it 5 nuclear reactors and when it done then (insert Plan here)
  15. Ace

    Kuwait Aff

    How would a critical Kuwait Aff sound is it like the critical South Korea Aff that solves for patriarchy by stopping sex trafficking in South Korea
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