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  1. I'm in the GDS - Westminster round right now. It was a very good debate. Judges are making a decision now.
  2. Ahaha it's fine. Just curious. I do want to debate you though. You run an interesting aff.
  3. Why so? Unlikely you'll hit one of our novice teams. Power pairing should be enough to make sure if you hit a lex team, it'll probably be JV, especially since you're on the wiki. And also, does your name have one F or two? Because when we looked at your wiki, it had two, but now you have one.
  4. Oh, yeah you're right. I just said to answer a DA because that's the most common use, and what I think he meant in context. And the way I think of external/internal is that an internal net benefit is more of a direct advantage to the counterplan, that the plan doesn't access, while the external net benefit is a direct disadvantage to the plan, that the counterplan doesn't link to.
  5. Defs true. It was really annoying debating with paper at Stanford. Especially with making the switch to paperless this year - would've been so much easier.
  6. JV List Mariel Jung - Monica Lee Agape Leaders Prep NY Jeffrey Chui - Suji Kim Agape Leaders Prep NY Jared Brow - Raya Koreh Albuquerque Academy NM Daniel Budai - Simon Zhu Atholton MD Charles Ding - Cameron LaFortune Atholton MD Grant Hardy - Eric Cormack Baltimore City College MD Holly Hornbeck - Rachel Tunis Baltimore City College MD Robert Danco - Ryan Divers Berkeley Preparatory School FL Jake Salzer - Francis Migliore Berkeley Preparatory School FL Megan Magray - Jeron Impreso Berkeley Preparatory School FL Steven Conova - Greg Zoda Bishop Guertin HS NH Jalyn Raines - Taushawn Tinsley Boston Debate League MA Gena White - Ted White Boston Debate League MA Nevia Gallimore - Zully Rosas Bronx School for Law, Government, Justice NY Charles Athanasopoulos - Lenny Herrera Bronx School for Law, Government, Justice NY Rhaqiem Thom - Armend Pashtriku Bronx School for Law, Government, Justice NY Betty Mahmud - Geordano Liriano Bronx School for Law, Government, Justice NY Dale Li - Lucy Shen Bronx Science NY Navin Gopaul - Ajay Mayar Bronx Science NY Naima Drecker-Waxman - Andrew Muo Bronx Science NY Steve Seong - Gabriella Gonzales Bronx Science NY Anita Jegarl - Sanya Goswami Bronx Science NY David Brem - Landon Schiller Carrollwood Day School FL Vivian Wang - Kelly Lin Centennial High School MD Pingfan Tang - Min Joo Centennial High School MD Ben Hawtoff - Franz Payer Centennial High School MD Angela Park - Brianna Richardson Centennial High School MD Akash Gondalia - Sabrina Westover Central High School WY Jennifer Zhang - Somya Bhatnagar Desert Vista High School AZ Em Winfield - Jake Maxey Dexter High School MI Schimmel Carl - Hannah Ruble Dexter High School MI Ben Smale - Anthony Gibson East Kentwood High School MI Vikram Kohli - Allan Xu Edgemont HS NY Jeremy Kleiman - Dylan McDonald Ft. Lauderdale HS FL Lily Gasperetti - Alyssa Patterson Georgetown Day School DC Alfred Xue - Nischay Upadhyayula Hamilton High School AZ Tajesh Guddanti - Luisa Frasson-Nori Harmony School of Advancement TX Max Dalton - Peter Wood Hendrickson High School TX Travis Tiffany - Samantha Hentosh Hendrickson High School TX Sebastian Gupta - Tech Kuo Houston Memorial High School TX Taylor Rodriguez - Sage Laxton Kingwood High School TX Christina Cho - Julia Keem Kugnus Acts NJ Soonho Kwon - Sungbae Park Kugnus Acts NJ Chris Frazzette - Kevin Gay La Salle College High School PA Reid Worster - Tyler Little La Salle College High School PA Priten Shah - Mihir Paradkar Lakeland District Debate NY Christohper Didona - Rose Mary Kelly Lakeland District Debate NY Brandon Cohall - Christopher Callinan Lakeland District Debate NY Brandon Doan - Robert Bruce Lakeland District Debate NY Lauren Gasparini - Alicia Brimon Lakeland District Debate NY David Scott - Tino Dipatario Lakeland District Debate NY Thomas Stirrat - Julia Steigerwald-Schnall Lexington High School MA Vishruth Reddy - Greg Smail Lexington High School MA Pavitra Chari - Monica He Lexington High School MA Katie Fraser - Dina Benayed-Cherif Lexington High School MA Zaki Atia - David Yuan Lexington High School MA Arjun Krishnan - Aren Torikian Lexington High School MA Geneva Kropper - Norma Tumennasen Lexington High School MA Claire Chang - Winnie Chang Lexington High School MA Emily Wu - Toby Armstrong Lexington High School MA Steven Hess - Timmy Lee Lexington High School MA Alex Lee - Kevin Xie Lexington High School MA JJ Kim - Sharvaj Phene Lexington High School MA Akshay Daftarder - Bruce Wang Lexington High School MA Kiseop Ko - Will Watson Marriotts Ridge High School MD Jeff Nechleba - Esther Park McDowell High School PA Liti Zhang - Reed Karsh McDowell High School PA Jeff Rogers - Sloan Tandet Mountain Brook High School AL Havisha Garimella - Dario Jakubowicz Mt Hebron HS MD Micah Scaling - Margaret Born Natrona County High School WY Hanna Roberts - Tommy Snider Owasso High School OK Austin Landes - Maegan Dilks Owasso High School OK Eric Marcus - Michael Marcus Pine Crest Preparatory School FL David Goldstein - Julian Gruber Pine Crest Preparatory School FL Tae Seung Kim - Zach Maghirang Puyallup High School WA Elliott Turner - Nicholas Wiggins Puyallup High School WA Daniel Hirsch - Jake Smith Richard Montgomery High School MD Nikita Datta - Andrew Lopez River Hil High School MD Keegan Greene - Aaron Hank Sequoyah High School GA Joe Garcia - Dan Biggs Sequoyah High School GA Carlisle Shelson - Mackenzie Ellis St. Andrew's Episcopal School MS Leo Pagano - PJ Schwam St. John's High School MA Rohan P - Nate Coderre St. John's High School MA Chris Jackson - Matt Fish St. John's High School MA Lauren Cashmore - Aaron Torop St. Petersburg High School FL George Ding - anne chen Stuyvesant High School NY jonathan leung - Atef Helmy Stuyvesant High School NY Kirby Wilson - Ephraim Lavey Tampa Preparatory School FL Ifrah Khan - David Ponoroff Tampa Preparatory School FL Rebekkah Wallin - Kallie McWhinney Waller High School TX Stephanie Greene - Leah Steans Walter Payton college Prep IL Aubrey Kief - Jamie Emery Weston HS MA Ryan Quinn - Matthew Chernick Weston HS MA
  7. Consult NATO is pretty lolz
  8. I think so? This is super funny because I just PM'd you about Pennsbury.

  9. hey, was it you that we hit in pennsbury octas?

  10. Yeah. XO's a reliable CP. I don't necessarily like it, but if you hit an aff you'd rather not answer, or looks pretty sound, it's a good bet. Add-ons are basically mini-advantages that answer DAs. That's right. So, for instance, if I ran X Aff, and someone reads Y DA with Z Impact, I'd read my "Z Add-On" for my aff which means that my X Aff solves for the Z Impact. Sorry if that was tough to understand.
  11. We have about twenty novices, twenty JVs, and twenty Varsity. And I think the reason we're sending so many teams is because we're so close, it doesn't require any travel costs or the sort. Lots of our teams going JV at Harvard are novices, too.
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