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  1. I think that Carbon Pipelines are topical, as well as most of the affs put out. Affs that I don't think are topical: HTF, ORS, Space Elevator, SPS, Keystone XL, and I think NIB is extra/effects T.
  2. I agree that card clipping is a big issue if they don't stop the card where they said they did, but I don't see a problem with sending blocks to your speech doc and not reading certain cards out of it. That's what flowing is for. If the other team really can't flow whether or not I read x card, they can ask me in CX.
  3. yes, you need to have the latest version with the tool bar that you can move around. you have to create a speech doc using that toolbar, and then pick whatever heading level in the sidebar (pocket, hat, block, tag) and click "send to speech doc" on the toolbar and it will be sent wherever the cursor is on the speech doc
  4. I've been following this argument, and I feel like most of you guys are basically talking past each other. Yes, debate is a predominantly white activity. Yes, it is possible that the decision was overturned because the tab room was racist. Yes, it is wrong that the judge's decision was overturned on the word of two high schoolers. But, that doesn't mean racism. Every time something bad happens to somebody who isn't white, you can't just scream racism with no warrants. Now this thread is about what Maury's last post was. What can we do, now that we realize that debate's predominantly white and possibly racist? Discuss.
  5. If they actually took the files and you don't have a copy of them anymore they can't really do that.
  6. I'm down with this, let's do this shit on google drive!
  7. The guy we're talking about lives in Minnesota.. so KSHAA doesn't apply, and UMich definitely gets more bids overall, even though PHS isn't doing that well.
  8. Now we have a traditional LD coach... And while it is true that Michigan is not the only good camp, it is a good camp. Look at all the ToC bids from there! Not PHS's just in general. I miss Brad and Thomas...
  9. I read it too recently on vDebates
  10. Yeah. food is awesome, he kinda gets us food from tab sometimes, but what I was pointing out is that we no longer have the "good rich kid coaching" that Miller gave Mihir and Thomas last year, and even some of the freshmen last year got between round help
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