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  1. What happens if you read this theory argument to a judge, flowing on a laptop, who was a paperless debater. Will it turn into one of those 'You win some you lose some' kind of things? I feel like most of this is really true but if someone needed to see a piece of evidence to verify the tag on their flow, or to even ask me about certain parts of it, they could hold, touch, move and look at my laptop. I think there is a competitive advantage in being able to prep and flow at the same time while using the same device. You can get a full size computer at bestbuy for around 250 bucks. That is way less than what we spent on printing for all the novices, just this year alone. Think about it. The other thing is, are you increasing class ism by denying them things they can afford? Just because you can't and we can should not mean we get voted down. This is just as classist in my eyes. Also, TejaVepa has a good idea on what the interpretation should look like.
  2. But if you were just responding to 2AC offense, why wouldn't you just make the argument in the 2NC? I am with the OP on this one.
  3. So at camp, what should I file on the computer, and what should I print and file?
  4. Alright so here is a question. We are a new school, with a new program and our whole first season, we never had a competitive team. It was my senior best friend, (who has always been a non competitive policy debater) and I (novice who picked up on the game really really quick) who did LD almost all year. After watching a round for the first time at my 2nd tournament, I was hooked. I read up and picked up really quick. I am going to camp in a few weeks to really get it. You know? Anyway, we are just starting to purchase tubs and supplies now, and I only want the best for the team. Starting on a clean slate what would YOU suggest doing. I (partnerless) have 2 laptops (mac and pc) so I think if I had a partner with a laptop we could go semi-paperless. Give me your advice.
  5. I am going to camp in July so I am sure I will get more than enough resources there. My coach is riding my ass to find a subscription, because this will be our school's second year with a program and it's first year with any kind of competitive policy teams. If you could like me to free evidence projects, that would be really sweet!
  6. Where is the best place to pay for good quality evidence with frequent updates?
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