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  1. http://www.joyoftournaments.com/defn/10/0/10083/LDDT_NovicePolicyFinalPacket.pdf Packets are out. Lexington KT and Lexington SF closed out.
  2. crimson and ivy represent the two aspects of Harvard (Their sports teams are named the Crimsons, at least, for football, it is. Ivy refers to how Harvard's an Ivy league school. It seems as though they just wanted to divide the RR into two divisions.
  3. YES. I FOUND YOU, VISH. Sorry, guys. That was just me and my personal victory moment. Lexington has a policy debate class, rather than an afterschool curriculum. Naturally, we have a lot more debaters than other schools. So yeah, all the novices that signed up are going JV this year. So you'll see better debaters, like Vish up there. And you'll also see worse debaters, like my partner and I. EDIT: The 60 debaters mentioned above is only policy. We also do LD and PFD.
  4. Politics is always an EXTERNAL net benefit. You're going to want an INTERNAL net benefit as well. XO's best net benefit would probably be prez powers. If you don't know (I'm sure you do), they're different like this: The internal net benefit is something that can only be achieved through the counterplan. One of XO's internal NBs is prez powers, which states that by doing the counterplan, the president can expand his influence. This is key to (insert impact module here: for example, solving warming, or hegemony) The external net benefit is something that links the disad to the cp. Ptix is a great external net benefit for a lot of counterplans.
  5. I recommend that you edit your grammar, it was slightly confusing to me when I read it. the XO counterplan is good, but people WILL load up on theory for a Conditional Agent Counterplan. You should also make sure that you have a good net benefit. If it's prez powers, I guess you're set for a decent counterplan. just make sure you have theory blocks, as well as theory for severance perms bad.
  6. You'll have to start by learning how to properly cut cards and making a habit out of it. We're just starting to cut cards ourselves. You'll want to find a good advantage to work on. The CATO institute may provide you with some good articles. Your impacts should be either A) Very solid with a probably internal link, if you're doing a K aff, extremely hard to impact turn because of the fact that it's fundamentally wrong (genocide), or C) Something that doesn't have many answers that link to your aff. First time I ever hit a cyberterror impact on a South Korea aff, it was pretty ugly.
  7. The 2AC can just get up and say "perm do the plan replace all of our card from now on authors to (last name of one of the debaters)". Well, you really can't say anything to answer this but "This is dumb", but saying that an argument's dumb doesn't negate it. Well, at least it's not a floating PIK.
  8. QFA. Anyway, pen in mouth was discouraged from my school for being potential catalysts of lockjaw. All else words fine though. Another thing that we did was we'd actually lift our 20-pound tubs while spreading. I've never done it, but it apparently works. The varsity are fast (well, they're ALL fast these days), and some of them used this method.
  9. Sweet. That means we have four teams that qualify.
  10. Now I'm happy. Does anyone know how many bids this tournament gave? I'd like to know if we have three or four teams qualifying for the TOC now.
  11. I was taught that perms are never advocacies. Plus, if you kick out of a counterplan, people will usually say something like: "Extend the permutation, we're not going for the CP, perms are not advocacies, they're only tests of competition, there's no offense on this flow."
  12. I heard this was used against the Beacon School because apparently they used to say the F word during cross-x a lot. Or maybe it's another school.
  13. It promotes growth, chicks like tall men.
  14. Screw Paperless


    what does it mean? i've been seeing this term tossed around here and there, but i have zero idea what it's saying.
  15. holy crap. This stuff doesn't exist outside of massachusetts. Well, I guess it's not an absolutely stupid idea, seeing how nobody would even think of making T violations with cards against em.
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