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    Born in the deepest pits of hell, Savannah was destined to be a shining beacon of light for the dark dreary world. Currently, she is merely an awkward teenager.
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    The Island of Shallot
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    Saving beasts, debate, interp, nomming, writing,, doodling, Star Wars, scifi in general, wordplay, nerdiness.
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    Dark Lady of the Sith/muse/blogger/part-time messiah

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  2. So...it's a social network now....huh...

  3. I'm pretty sure mine are: The Princess Bride Mrs. Henderson Presents Fight Club Amelie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  4. I love 8-bit. Nintendocore is pretty sick, haven't heard much from the genre though. Anny recommendations?
  5. No, but they are from near where I live. I mean nerdcore as in MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Beefy, MC Router, and Zombies! Organize!!!
  6. "Correct" is arbitrary. While I do have an obsessive love with "proper" and slightly old English, language is fluid. Slang shapes languages. Fun fact of the day: The common term "rascal" is derived from a slang form of the antiquated word "rapscallion." This is just one example of slang shaping language. Words and language, though I personally view them as a medium for art, are in essence just sounds/symbols that trigger recognition. When the sound/symbol is recognised, the brain can extract the meaning. Because society, and microsocieties, evolve(s), change(s), and fluctuate(s), language has to be able to catch up and change with us. If language didn't do this, we'd lose so many of the fascinating splinters of the English language. So as a Grammar Nazi myself, I commend you for your care towards respecting the language. However, you need to recognize the inherently amorphous method of communication that is language, as paradoxical as that may seem.
  7. English: You're using it incorrectly.
  8. Aww. I wasn't offended, but still, thanks for apologizing. I believe you may have what I like to call, "Typical Debater Syndrome." :3

  9. My apologies for being an asshole, there's a very thin line between me being serious and me joking around in just normal conversation, then when I try to carry it over online it's almost impossible to tell if I'm just being a dick to be a dick or if I'm joking around. I meant no harm >_

  10. Search "yellow" in the search box. Fun results.
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