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  1. Bought and read, and this is one of the best all purpose guides to debating the K. For the novice who is interested in running the K (and winning with it), this is one of the first places to start. It jumps you right into the meat of the issue while still going the extra mile to explain concepts and ideas that you'll need to win against policy teams. And for the novice who just needs to have defense, it has a strong section explaining the arguments that can be made against an opponents kriticism, as well as specific responses to some of the most common Ks in the forum. Those of you interested in building a K from the ground up, but unsure where to start, need not fear. The book includes organized lists of citations to a broad range of authors and subjects for you to work with, both advocating and refuting kritikal concepts. Now, the advanced debaters shouldn't feel left out, because the book has gone to great lengths to explain important strategies for winning the debate, and capitalizing on your opponents weaknesses. These are the strategies used by college debaters, such as our esteemed author, and when used properly, will make the difference in those close rounds. I needn't explain that knowing the strategies will also help you answer them. All in all, a read worth having. And the money does go to a good cause... -Bostwick
  2. Agreed, but you could always rewrite this as some sort of pointless opening to an ironic K of some kind. I'm not willing to put that much thought into this, I just know that these kinds of things are always useful to the ironic debater. If only ironic debaters were useful...
  3. I didn't feel like finding one of my posts, so I made a new one to look at my rep bar...
  4. I'll just leave this here.

  5. Although Nietzsche is hard to read sometimes, his idea's are pretty straight up. Play a do nothing alt so you can avoid framework issues, because, after all, doing nothing is the squo. Nietz is where a lot of K debaters start, and he is relatively simple to work with.
  6. I'm looking for a Schope other than the WFI 05 back file. If any of you have this, PM or post. I'll take almost anything really.
  7. So...I'm now single...have fun laughing at me...

  8. This is true. Although gov't funding of SpaceX is a rather good idea if one can find evidence saying spaceX is interested.
  9. http://timecube.com Do you want to run that in round?
  10. Welcome to PMF Inc. Mr. Cat, I hope you will do a better job in your position than the employee before you.
  11. That doesn't mean I know where she is on cross-x. It's not like my conversations with her involve Vdebates, and when I have reminded her of the round, she's just said she'd get around to it, which she never does. She's actually an interper who did debate because she was actually smart enough to be pretty good at it. Now that her coach won't let her do policy anymore, she's lost a lot of interest in debate. tl:dr: I'm not her keeper.
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