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  1. can you send them to me as well iwearsaladshoes@gmail.com
  2. I didnt even start this. Sam did but i will.
  3. 2 years more experience. sure ill give you that
  4. do you think a solvency card that talks about them being ready for a certain mission (the plan) work?
  5. There seems to be a delay with the emails that were supposed to be sent out. I heard the camp is still on and the emails will be sent out as soon as possible.
  6. hey im looking to get into the more one off and performance side of debate this year and i want to cut a performance aff so does anyone have any legit ideas for one?
  7. yeah does anyone know if we can retrieve them. i was relying on some stuff in them that i really wish i could have
  8. im looking for a homecut security k i have a tons to trade. pm me or reply on the thread. i would prefer it with next years links but if you have a good one for this year i would love it still
  9. Hey everyone. I'm looking for a fairly up to date riders da. If you have one pm me or reply on the thread. I have a ton of stuff to trade and I will trade two or three files for the one file because I really want one
  10. actually sadly no. i have too much work to do and stuff going on and im prepping for a big tournament coming up so i dont really have enough time to finish the round
  11. hey does anyone have this file? i know a team from coppel, tx runs it and they have a toc bid. i am really interested in this file so just reply on the thread or pm me if you have it
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