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  1. What is Neoliberalism? and whats the difference between both theories?
  2. I have that Aff, but where did you get the Intelligence Adv from?
  3. What would be the best way to run this K? And is it any good?
  4. 1. what is the thesis of the Normativity K? (im a little confused) 2. explain the link of "law" in the K, and if it is good for the military topic???
  5. we are currently using PMC's...i just wanted to take another approach.
  6. enechols

    Normativity K

    Hello Everyone, 1. Can someone please explain the thesis of the Normativity K?????? 2. What would be the best strategy in winning Neg with the K? 3. And how can i ensure that the K can link to all affs? ( I was thinking that since it uses the USFG, the law link would world soley b/c it assumed that the plan text will be law if voted on...i have no clue)
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone has a very interesting PMC K aff....(Besides the one on National Coaches and Planet Debate) My school has no money for files, and we are preping for a RCC tournament...thanks
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