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  1. ....Still not worthy of a neg rep.
  2. You're not even worthy of the neg rep I was about to give you.
  3. Wait, you mean I'm not the only one who intently follows Kansas Debate gossip?! YESSSS.
  4. I've never heard of such a monstrosity, but if anyone ever tells you that every student should be required to spend several hundred dollars on a laptop in order to participate in high school Debate....Run. Run away.
  5. The season hasn't started yet? Do tell more.
  6. Every time I get on here and see that there hasn't been a new post in the Kansas forum for weeks, a little piece of me dies inside.
  7. I suppose I could be okay with Immigration or Entitlement Reform. But if it ends up being one of the others, I might have to kill myself.
  8. Now the residents of the White House know what it's like to live in Arizona.
  9. NFL Nationals is the one that will be on NFLTV.org. The 2011 NDT finals are already on debatevision.com
  10. Hartman


    I'm not eligible to vote in any forums...?
  11. I devise that KSHSAA needs a device to learn how to spell "device."
  12. [deleted] I was not an intelligent sophomore.
  13. Hartman

    mlb standings

    My two favorite clubs have always been the Cubs and my hometown Royals. I have had a terrible, terrible life.
  14. Half of his friends seem to be "Space Minions."
  15. Hartman


    Who needs heg when you have women's soccer?
  16. Thanks. That Excel template is niiiiice.
  17. I guess I never realized how competitive you guys are. Won't even share your flowing spreadsheet...
  18. I just got my first laptop a week or so ago. If anyone has a good spreadsheet, program, or something for flowing that they could email me, that would be much appreciated. Gracias.
  19. Wait...Wasn't this thread supposed to be about the "Best of Kansas" or something...?
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