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  1. Although your intentions are good, I find your word choice unnecessarily incendiary. The Representative's race is of absolutely no relevance to the issue.
  2. Hartman

    Ld State

    Sorry to disappoint.
  3. Hartman

    Ld State

    Finals: Amit Bhatla (SMNW) def. Robert Youel (Campus) 2-1
  4. Hartman

    Ld State

    Semifinals: Amit Bhatla (SMNW) vs. Yash Kamath (Wichita East) Liam Murphy (SME) vs. Campus
  5. Michael....It's time. The pin has to go.
  6. Luke Hartman THE Kansas State University Deciding between Electrical Engineering and Political Science/Law School Debating
  7. The silence at the beginning of the video is deafening. You can tell every one of the students in that room has enormous respect for Deatherage, and rightfully so.
  8. I have noted your strategic use of a bracket (instead of a parenthese) to prevent your b-subpoint from becoming
  9. Eh, I'm not sure that analogy quite lines up. Although taking classes on European/American imperialism (i.e., performance-style debates) may facilitate a positive learning experience, those imperialism classes are locked into a competitive format, which means the American History student is forced to negate the ideas behind the class and cannot simply learn from the lessons taught in class. (Non-Metaphorical Translation: Although performance debates can be educational/informative/"good", debate is locked into a competitive format that forces policy teams to attempt to negate the opposing team's [often unfalsifiable] claims; they cannot merely sit back and learn from the experience as a student would learn from a class.) If Emporia doesn't want policy teams/actions to be excluded from debate, what are policy teams supposed to do when they're forced to debate teams who performatively "create a home place in debate"? In other words, assuming Emporia's argument that we should "make minority voices heard" in-round is true, what is the policy team to do - decide that those types of rounds are simply a part of debate, allow the opposition to preach their message, and accept defeat? (My questions are not rhetorical and not intended to be sarcastic; I am legitimately interested in a response.)
  10. I highly doubt there are many judges that would simultaneously a. vote you down for suggesting that Jesus might not exist, and b. find Consult CPs acceptable.
  11. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you meant to say "no white male in Finals"...
  12. Ah, thanks. I didn't see that thread.
  13. http://www.justin.tv/gtdebatestream/c/2102713 EDIT: See nathan_debate's link in the post below for a thread where discussion of this round is already taking place.
  14. Next up: A Semifinal matchup between Northwestern LV (aff) and Georgetown AM. Estimated start time: 5:55 PM CDT. Dis gon be gud.
  15. Now Streaming: The Octos matchup of West Georgia DF (aff) vs. Harvard DT
  16. I feel like it's important to note that I am NOT the person who is actually streaming the debates. All appropriate round requests and praises should be directed toward our friend Ricardo from Georgia Tech via the link posted above.
  17. This is the greatest compliment I've ever received. Also: Harvard BS (4-0) vs. West Georgia DF (4-0) will be streamed Round 5.
  18. Enjoy. http://www.justin.tv/gtdebatestream
  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagram_Airfield
  20. Oh geez, I had forgotten about this one. Just recovered it from my old iPod. This is from my sophomore year on the Military topic. Here's a transcription of the highlights of the ballot in case you don't feel like decoding the handwriting: "when claming education teach me abought bagrum I olny learned it was there." RFD: "It come down to T the aff won the CP but the neg still had T"
  21. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you learned that phrase from .
  22. If you think there won't be any Venezuela cases, you're gonna have a bad time. I suggest you read the article Chaos/coka posted above.
  23. Time to re-cut that Venezuelan Politics Disad you've been working so hard on.
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