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  1. I heard the same thing.
  2. Sure can. Sorry about the random circles. I'm not sure about the date of the SME tournament, but last year it was sandwiched between KCKCC and T-High, so I'd guess either November 8-9 or 15-16.
  3. Huh, I hadn't noticed that before. My guess would be that they're updating their respective sites for the upcoming season. Also, you easily have the best signature on Cross-X.
  4. http://debatevision.com/ Sounds like they're making some much-needed improvements. I'd love to see this site become the central hub for debate videos rather than having them all scattered across YouTube.
  5. Here, at the 10:00 mark. It's just the announcement of the decision, though (and a chunk of one RFD) - not the full RFDs
  6. If I'm not mistaken, all that had previously been uploaded was the decision. Yesterday, however, good ol' Ricardo uploaded the full round.
  7. Hartman

    Dci Sporcle Quiz

    Thought some of you might enjoy this. http://www.sporcle.com/games/ravenpride/teams-with-7--dci-bids-in-one-season
  8. The cross-x lecture was awesome - thanks for the link. But there was ...
  9. The two most unbelievably intense speeches I've ever seen were both given by Ryan Wash this year. They are (of course) and his 2NC against Oklahoma CL in Wake quarters. Each speech starts out somewhat middle-of-the-road in terms of intensity and builds to a crescendo.
  10. cracks me up for some reason. "Is Afghanistan stable now?" "Uh, I'm not really sure." "Wow, okay, so that seems ambiguous." http://i.imgur.com/nwFgg.png.jpg
  11. ...and please provide a link. I would probably go with the 2012 NDT Semifinal round between Georgetown AM (aff) and Loyola EM. Not only is it a high-quality debate at the substantive level, it's very heated (and the stakes are high), which makes it rather entertaining to watch as well. http://debatevision.com/videos/222/semis-ndt-2012-georgetown-am-v-loyola-em-1nc (Whoever recorded the debate missed the 1AC, but it was some sort of Warming aff.)
  12. "crocjokes.com/dirtyjokes" I imagine you spend a huge proportion of your free time engaged in highly intellectual pursuits
  13. Yeah, those guys are great, and the tournament did indeed break to octos last year. Yep, that's it. No problem. Credit goes to Mr. Anderson for putting it together.
  14. Looks like it. SME was on the third-to-last weekend in 2012.
  15. The tournaments I've circled will probably be the most progressive, and all of the others will offer primarily lay-style debates (at least until out-rounds). All of them will be highly competitive; last year, each had at least 48 entires in their respective Varsity/Open divisions. As far as I know, KCKCC is the only tournament listed above that will not have Varsity, JV, and Novice divisions.
  16. I'd say Kansas' most competitive "national circuit style" tournaments are KCKCC (as you mentioned) and Wichita East. Washburn Rural's tournament is just as competitive and offers a solid mix of traditional and high-speed debates. Also, congrats on the grant from State Farm!
  17. 1. The question at hand is whether or not the Congressman's race and gender are relevant to whether or not he has a right to express his opinion on a given issue. What that issue is and whether or not his opinion is "correct" is an entirely different matter. 2. Let's drop the sarcastic ad-homs and actually discuss the substance of our disagreement.
  18. How so? You said: "an advocate,s status as a male of racial majority does matter." So I argued that every person has a right to his/her own opinion, especially when that opinion is a part of his or her religious beliefs. What? This is not a complete sentence.
  19. This isn't relevant to the discussion we were having. My argument is that the fact that he is a white male should not influence the way that we view his opinions (or his right to express them). This is totally separate from the question of whether abortion is a "liberty".
  20. Alright, let's get this straight. A member of Congress has a moral objection to a particular act (abortion) that is grounded in his religious beliefs. Regardless of whether or not abortion is actually immoral in nature, the Congressman has every right to object to practices that violate his religious beliefs. He is not a "fuckface white male". He is a human being with as much right to freely voice his opinions as any one of us.
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