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  1. The title may be a little misleading. I know HOW to flow, but specifically, I have trouble during my 2AC's. This is because I don't have time to flow my 2ac's before I make them, and I have trouble flowing them afterwards because I have to flow the neg block. I find myself one flow behind after the 2ac, which causes me to drop stuff. I know that some debaters shadow flow, but I don't think my partner is skilled enough to do that for me (he is a novice). How would you guys recommend catching up on flows?
  2. pretty much as the title says. Looking for a moral skepticism file. Im relatively new to LD (3 monthsish), and I am mainly a policy debater, so I don't have much to trade. But if you're looking for specific evidence, I bet I could scroung something up. Or you could just give it to me for free cuz you're a nice person PM me please!
  3. Kappeller DnG Global-Local/Nayer Feminism Race Agamben I have a ton of stuff. PM to trade
  4. Interested in a homecut global-local k as well, have GBTL.
  5. The problem is, the oil disad that I run is the Russia scenario, so it stems off of decreased us oil dependence. So I have to make it so that the pic solves for the aff AND doesn't trigger the oil scenario. I've been thinking of maybe a phase-out cp to lessen the shock. But the idea is kind of meh and I was hoping that other people might have better ideas.
  6. I've been trying to think of a pic that would mesh with the oil disad, and I can't really think of any. Anyone have any ideas? :/
  7. Sorry for the double post, but as I'm just starting out this year, I need to amass files pretty quickly. If anyone is cutting something and would like help, I wouldn't mind collaborating on a file. Preferably Da, CP work, but I can handle K lit and aff stuff as well. If anyone is interested, post here or PM meh
  8. Im starting kinda late (senior year, etc), and I haven't done much work on the topic. I have a dredging aff with LNG, heg, econ, manufacturing, terrorism adv and I also have a 1ac done for an electric vehicles aff. I have k backfiles as well. Im mostly looking for a2k or any creative cp+das. If anyone is interested, PM meh.
  9. Uh I don't have any of those shenanigans^ but I have blocks for most common K's on the circuit and a pretty good all-purpose generic a2 K with the usual framework and cede the political stuff. Complete with explanations, blocks, extensions, extra cards, and highlighted of course. If anyone is interested, PM me. I would prefer creative CPs and DAs, but I'll look at just about anything.
  10. Im debating with a novice in a few weeks. She's relatively new to the game, so I was going to go double 2's to show her the ropes. However, we're still competing on a pretty competitive circuit. How should I do the 1ar for her? She just learned how to flow, so I don't think that she'll be ready to do line-by-line, but at the same time, I don't know if I have the efficiency to write out the line-by-line for her. I do have some prewritten 1ar line-by-line block things for her to use, but I doubt that its going to be able to cover everything. Help?
  11. How do you all cut cards? What search engines do you use? Do you cut random cards and compile them into a file, or do you cut cards with a specific file in mind? I just wanted to know the different ways that the people in this forum cut cards, maybe to make my own card cutting faster and more efficient. Tips and Tricks appreciated
  12. LSDebater

    K books

    For the next few months, I was thinking about studying Ks before next years resolution. Unfortunately, I dont know much about Ks, so I wanted to know 10 or so good books on philosophy that I could buy and study to get a good grasp on Ks
  13. I was wondering whether or not the use of two plans by the aff would be strategic. Since the job of the aff is to reject the status quo and support the passing of a plan, wouldn't it be legitimate to run two advocacies? There nothing saying that the affirmative has to present only ONE course of action. Plus, if one was dropped, it wouldn't matter because you still have the other advocacy, and its not severance because you have two plans. Slso, you would be completing the burden of the aff by advocating for one of the two plans. And, it would check back the fact that the negative can run multiple cps. I'm not contemplating doing this, I just think it's an interesting thought, and want to hear other peoples' opinions on it.
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