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  1. Thanks Will for the correction.
  2. Watching D3 results and got pretty excited when Chris Carey and Sarah Evans qualified to their first NDTs. Lucia Scott and Kyle Klucas also qualified through D3. Jyleesa Hampton was one of the 16 to receive first round bids. They have had an outstanding year. Kanan Boor will go to his 2nd NDT, I believe. Repping Kansas debate.
  3. Great tournament Chief! Congrats to all the teams. SME DW and BVSW FH are going to battle it out the rest of the year. Impressive work by the Jenks squad and as always nice to see them in the field.
  4. If voting for Officer Tomis wrong- I don't want to be right..
  5. College debate is a lot of work. You are basically competing in an all star event on weekends. The tournaments start on Saturday and end late night on Sunday. If you break it's a double octo round late night Sunday. Monday elim rounds take forever. The final round sometimes starts at midnight on Monday. You also miss a ton of class, I don't see how college debaters can focus on a class schedule.
  6. I will be making my oceanic debut.
  7. Old School


    Thanks for posting results. Hope everyone is working hard.
  8. Some amazing schools that everybody is going to. I had a blast following your careers. TCox, Utsa and Linda- wish you were continuing your debate careers but sounds like you will be very busy.
  9. I would support Jared as a coach- he could add value to some squad this spring.
  10. Addison Schile and Nick Khatri qualify for NDT for the University of Kansas.
  11. Kanan Boor qualifies through D3. A bunch of debaters are in run - offs.
  12. Looks like Ideen is going to make it through District 1 qualifier.
  13. Old School

    Marquette HS

    I guess Olathe Northwest was there, you announced your presence with authority and repped Kansas huge. BTW Alaina and McKenzie are huge threats to go far in Nats this year. Very good and like able team.
  14. Very excited and proud of Melanie Campbell and Chris Birzer for earning a first round bid to the NDT. Two of the best I have ever judged at the high school level. Great jobChris and Melanie - I appreciate the amount of work you put in to get to this point. Kansas high school debate should be well represented at the NDT. See you at the "Round the first"
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