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  1. couldn't possibly agree with that more. There is such an anti-debate feeling around my school. part of it obviously has to do with everyone assuming that groves is the school for forensics and debate and all that junk. generally it's just an apathy about public speaking and political issues. not many people care about those things anymore, which I think is a terrible tendency throughout high school and society. At least Okemos had one good year of recruitment. I've never experienced one. I also agree with Aakash.
  2. Frankly, I think this week, especially the line up of teams that broke in D2, show that we really can't do lineups like this. Despite the accolades that constantly get brought upon numerous teams for how "wicked sweet" their program is, the "little guy" can always sneak up on you. Raise your hands if you thought Gaylord, Northview, and Cadillac would all break. Anybody...anybody...anybody? Oh, wait, that's right, NO ONE DID. That's not to insult those programs in any way; all of them are perfectly legit and i respect all those programs. But this only goes to show that rankings like these really take away from the quality of debate. However, since I know that we can't dissuade people from doing lists like these (we still don't know who coolio07 is yet), I would add portage northern, HH Dow, and west bloomfield, teams that showed consistancy throughout the year and remained competitive throughout due to lots of people joining (well, maybe that's not always the case with my program) and very very good coaching. However, I think all these "rankings" are going to be shot to pieces next year because there are A LOT of people graduating.
  3. it was medical reserve corps, part of americorps. apparently most of the provisions passed in the last moments of the 2006 congress, which is why the final round was a 2-1 on inherency. i've heard no one runs it anymore...though i could be wrong.
  4. division two...no...three...no...two...no...three...no...two. egr is d2.
  5. sorry, americorps proposal. it's based off something general wesley clark presented during the 04 democratic primaries.
  6. aren't you just being a little bitter because you lost to her @ JV states? I'd love to see your record before you start bashing others.
  7. Dexter - DADT Midland - Citizen Corps (I think, it had something to do with some Wesley Clark proposal)
  8. every panel is the wrong panel for baudrillard. still of the opinion that the seaholm jv team would've won...we've got the sweet consult russia counterplan.
  9. 2/3 of you are idiots. the bears secondary is not great and won't be able to keep up with Wayne, Harrison, and Clark. Not to mention Rex Grossman is shaky as heck and since the fast Colts defense can penetrate quite well, expect him to be off for most of the night. I don't like making points predictions, but expect the Colts to pull it out and save Manning from that stupid "Best QB to never win a superbowl" ?
  10. if seaholm jv went, they would totally own everyone. wait...sorry, if seaholm jv went, they would totally be owned by everyone. sorry, common typo.
  11. ouch. on a less positive note, EGR is d2. you're all liars. i hate all of you.
  12. oh boy...he's going to be pissed when he sees that...though pete did try to bribe him off on a more humorous note...it still doesn't list who debated for seaholm on this forum. still says ? and ?. I still say the nicknames should've been allowed
  13. oh, believe me, I'm trying, but I can't stop them (well, really only one of them) from using the internet. for those worried, none of them are coming to EK. For those who wanted them to come to EK...bummer. this is totally unrelated, but who is coolio07? Just curious, is all.
  14. how old are we talking here...cuz EGR is d3 on that.
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