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  1. Ludwig Von Mises probably isn't the best place for cards since he died in the early 20th century. Reading a Coercion K, tell the judge that even if you lose the solvency of your alternative, they can still evaluate the K as an ethics DA to the alt, and as long as you win deon v. util, you still win the round.
  2. Pretty much the only DA I've heard all year has been elections. Now that Obama's won... what disads do you think are going to be prevalent (besides the obvious politics)? I feel woefully underprepared.
  3. Last year, wasn't there the option to buy evazon for the entire year for like $80? Do we have that option this year? If we do, where might I find it? I'd like to buy it by lunch today if there is an option for that.
  4. And I'm stuck with Transportation senior year. What a bunch of balls.
  5. As someone who has used both, Verbatim. Lots more hotkeys, much more streamlined.
  6. 1. Don't run the Consult Ashtar CP. It's double awful because it is both bullshit and a consult counterplan. 2. Gonzaga produced one last year.
  7. When a lab leader wants you to find a card, this is not what they mean. You are supposed to go find a new card, that you cut yourself. There are definitely cards for this that you can find.
  8. Which card would that be? Can we see it?
  9. laker24 just defined what intrinsicness is for disads. The term also applies to permutations. Typically, a legitimate perm must do ALL of the aff, and ALL OR PART of the CP. Severance is when the perm only does a part, or none, of the aff. Intrinsicness, on the other hand, is when the perm does something that is neither a part of the CP OR the aff. Example: Plan: The USFG should invest in High Speed Rail. CounterPlan: The USFG should consult Russia about High Speed Rail. Assume that the CP has a net benefit of Russian Relations. An intrinsic perm would be, Perm: Do the aff and give Russia a billion dollars. This would, theoretically, solve the Russian Relations Net Benefit, without compromising the aff. However, this is, of course, extremely abusive, and the neg can kill it with theory.
  10. What event you do?

  11. I've gone. Not the best camp of all time, but definitely worth the 700$ it costs.
  12. Maybe you're right, but I thought Vote No meant this: The entire premise of the politics disad isn't necessarily that plan passage will drain Obama's polcap, but that debating it at all will cause Obama to drain his polcap. The judge should view the round (as it's happening) as the Congressional debate, meaning that Obama's polcap is drained regardless.
  13. Is there any sort of google doc excel spreadsheet for the breaks bracket at nationals?
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