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    Nick Watts

    nick's stilla round db8in' tzight i haven't seen him since almost 2 years at camp in Michigan. wazzup! -matt "mercedes"
  2. azstud


    Wut the hell? Who are you???
  3. azstud


    eek, i'm going maverick on this one . Well anyways, At Brophy you can question anybody you want. It just so happens that Neil's (maerowitz, ¿porque vives?) directly after your post answers your statement. Brophy debate = damn fun even if it means a little joking around. If someone is wrong no matter who they are we have a right to question them. Take George Bush for example, although I support him (for the most part), he gets tons of protest. But wait isn't Bush an elder to us all??? I learned a lot from Michigan and it has some of the most qualified lab leaders ever, so to call it dumb is inane. Who is Aaron to judge a camp that he hasn't even gone to. He says "Michigan (except for Alderete) is dumb," but considering Alderete is the only lab leader he knows at Michigan he can't make that judgement. I'm NOT questioning aaron, he's awesome and i hate to hear that my posts are being perceived as personal attacks. To use policy jargon: TURN- In terms of Michigan I am the elder because I've been there more times than anyone else on the team, thus nobody can question me. ...and Yogi and Aaron ROCK! As expressed in my last post i give aaron and yogi tons of respect (respect on an aaron to yogi 1:10 ratio ). Much love to all!
  4. while this is probably the one thing i agree with u on, i hope u aren't thinking of hypotesting as a different way than i am. Trust me you can't hypotest a Kritik. You hypotest the affirmative.
  5. azstud


    sry yogi. u win. i bow to u. u have authority over all...well almost all. However, that last part of my post was just a joke (and kinda the first part too). (HYPOTESTING IS CRAP INFLATION DOES NOT EXIST MICHIGAN (EXCEPT FOR ALDERETE) IS DUMB.)-is totally random. especially that third one concidering i've gone to michigan and aaron hasn't.
  6. azstud


    Aaron, can you show me your warrants, i'm only getting the tags. Dude not to brag but Beto and I were top seed at Mountain View during our novice year. Wut did we run Hypotesting and Inflation. Wut were we winning on? Hypotesting and Inflation? Why didn't u break? Because u didn't run hypotesting and inflation.
  7. Neil, and wut's ur record...? dat's wut i thot my hommy G-izzle. Oh ya and trust me u have no authority to kick me off the team, div and I are the ones who got you to join in the first place. I was running hypotesting before u even knew wut db8 was. Despite all this, Neil you're one sexy beast
  8. I like the topic in general I don't like the topic for including or in the resolution I like the topic for Courts and Exec Order CP and States and Constitutionality I get to run HypoTesting, Libertarianism K, and the Boiler DA. Fun Fun!
  9. azstud


    Go Brophy! - winning Public Forum and both divisions of policy. Good job to all who participated
  10. azstud


    Carneal and LeSeur will be the only team entering novice Partying laughable? boo
  11. azstud


    Look At Central Forum Not this one.
  12. azstud


    I like how reliable cross-x is Well anyways, It's friday night and I there aren't any partys going on. So I'm lame and am at home cutting freaken amazing cards. Beware of the new Kritik of Psychotropics... I recently realized that the longer the name of the Kritik the better it is. I mean this can be seen in every sense. While we never really think of it this way it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Think about it i mean you have Spanos and then you have Interpassivity which is much better. If you want to get even more powerful you get into Democritization. Best yet is the Kritik of Psychoanalytical Obsession. But for a full blow is right here 2 years ago when Mark and Frank kept winning with their: Therapeutic Marxism. Well, anyways Brophy will be at Central. Applefeld-Zelinsky Stuart-Fadok Carneal-Leseur and some of the usually varsity teams might get a bit switched up, but I'm not sure.
  13. Quite honestly I hated the looks of the topic at first glance, and I was keeping my fingers crossed for elections, however, after I skimmed through the introduction (pdf file) the topic seems pretty cool and I am glad Civil Liberties won! the DA and CP ground is awesome. CP ground especially u can go hardcore with this.
  14. Inflation as in the collapse of the dollar. When money gets printed in excess. Something like that. There has to be some cards out there answering any of my original questions.
  15. I am trying to put together an Inflation DA (as in $ inflation). Where can I find cards saying deficit spending causes inflation or peacekeeping causes inflation? Or even Peacekeeping (general) is expensive/drains money from US budget? If anyone could help me at all with this it would be greatly appreciated. So far I have some great uniqueness and impacts but I am lacking the Links.
  16. Um i think the biggest impact is one of two things NOT EXTINCTION: (and I will justify them) -Dehuminization: When u are dehuminized u would rather be extinct than living, because ur not human any more living under subhuman conditions. And if u say well to hell with those being dehuminized at least i'm still kickin' then u are a selfish bast***. -Rape: Rape is definitely biggest because it exploits social conditions and reinforces a dichotomy where the evil white man wins. Rape and Dehuminization are definitely both stronger and worse than extinction.
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    CCC is that Justin and Lauren? I forgot what state is CCC in?
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    Brophy Will Bring: Brenzel/Irvine Kelley/Maerowitz Mandair/Murphy
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    Winter Trophy

    YA Go storytelling!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot woot. 4th in Finals! Got cheated though because one judge gave me a 2 in finals, 1 didn't send in the ballot, and another didn't mark a rank. But it all good I couldn't have been happier even though it was Sunnyslope.
  20. azstud


    Umm...Wrong Forum. There is already a whole thread on Ivory Coast!!!
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