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  1. yeah this is really close to one of the most accurate briefings on him i've seen but there are also points where i feel you're absolutely wrong about some things. also quit plagiarizing that aint cool pimpin'
  2. I feel sorry for you uneducated folks. Glad I stuck to keeping hold of my brain cells
  3. I'M AN ASSHOLE? I run k theory all day and whoops some ass to show that their shit has no place in the debate community. And I may be bigoted but its better than being a hippy douche bag who ruins the value of traditional debate.
  4. At least my stuff has real world application.
  5. We should ban kritiks it would make it so people could actually engage in the debate and it enables a more educational and debatable environment. I shall present it to the ndca and everything too... Viva la revoluvion, cheaters!
  6. i just googled this guy and this shit is ridicules, you're damn right he wasn't a philosopher he was a perv who taught people like you to be idiots. what would your school principal think if they saw this shit you put on to paper and call educational?
  7. So I Saw The Greatest Arg Ever The Other Day: Recolonization Counterplan. It Just Says That We Should Sign The Control Of America To Britain For Seven Years In Order For America To Experience Imperialism. It Solves For Imperialism. My Douche Bag Friends Think Its Dumb. AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?
  8. great i get to watch two stupid monkeys vs. two more stupid monkeys, k's will be the death of this community if i was a mod i would remove every one who even considers talking about ks
  9. idc who it is as long as i get some pussy...yall hearing me or what
  10. How do I change the info listed under the name? For instance most people's say things like "registered user" while others say, like Red Spy for instace "Back stabbing Moderator". Is this just for moderators or what?
  11. How do you effectively kick out of an argument? I don't think ive been doing it correctly.
  12. bigdaddy69

    Crazy Ks

    Pmd you, Habler. Still, i'm open to any suggestions
  13. bigdaddy69

    Crazy Ks

    Help! Can't get a good strat against Millard, specifically their terrorism and guernica and their Bataille doubling argument. Ideas?
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