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  1. After doing the initial research and determining the card was fake, and witnessing her change the date in multiple rounds, I would have brought it to her coach's attention. If it continued to happen even after the coach had been informed, I would not only bring it to the coach's attention, but to the attention of the coach of the opposing team and to the tournament officials - especially if this was being done at a district, regional or state tournament where such shenanigans results in a grievance being filed against the team, and possibly their expulsion from the tournament. My high school coach told us about a similar situation. An opposing team had an impossibly perfectly awesome piece of evidence that came from an obscure book. We ordered a copy of the book, which took several weeks to arrive (this was pre internet/amazon days). We found the quote in the book and discovered that the team had removed the word "not" from the quote. Rather than informing their coach or anyone else, our team waited until we debated them again and then used the original copy of the book in the round to embarrass the team, and according to the legend/story, this happened during an elimination round of an important tournament.
  2. Sunflower District Policy Debate Qualifiers: Kyle Richardson & Cole Richardson Andover Cameron Fleming & Caelan Dean Andover Gabe Esquivel & Jackson Hoffman Kapaun Mount Carmel Kelly Bye & Paige Smading Wichita East
  3. South Kansas Policy Debate Qualifiers: Sebastian Johns & Zach Uttley Pittsburg (2nd) Kennedy Griffin & Dane Rigby Caney Valley (1st)
  4. Good answer. There are several different levels of competition in Kansas, and the students really have no control over what level they are in, i.e. if their school is a 1A, 3A, 5A or 6A school, what NFL district they are in, their school's budget, whether their regional is stacked or a cake walk, etc. You can have all the best teams in the state in one NFL district, and a bunch of lesser teams qualifying to nationals from the other districts. Or you could be a really awesome team from a 2A school and never get to compete against 6A teams. You could qualify to nationals or win a state championship and never even compete against the best teams in the state. Some coaches got together a long time ago, I think in the early 80s, and decided to create a tournament in which you had to be in the top 24 in the state (regardless of school classification or NFL district), and the coaches across the state would vote on which teams got in. The idea was that the tournament would more accurately determine which teams were really the best in the state. They called it the Debate Coach's invitational or DCI. In order to increase your chances of qualifying, it was a good strategy to do very well at tournaments in several different parts of the state so most of the coaches were familiar with you. In the 2000s the system of qualifying to DCI was changed from a voting system to a bids system in which teams competed at specific qualifying tournaments which were every weekend during the season, and based on their performance at these tournaments, the top teams qualified to DCI. You have to have at least 2 "bids" to qualify, and qualifying to nationals also countes as a bid. Typically the tournament has between 24 and 40 teams. Back in voting days, the champ tournaments you definitely wanted to be at were Washburn Rural Manhattan Topeka High Salina Central Shawnee Mission West Lawrence Those were the ones where the best teams from all over the state typically showed up. Other good champ tournaments were Winfield, Wichita East, Wichita Southeast, Hutchinson, Shawnee Heights, Emporia, Valley Center, Blue Valley, and Winfield
  5. Thanks, found it right after I posted. 9/18-19 Washburn Rural 9/25-26 Hutchinson High 10/2-3 Olathe Northwest 10/9-10 Wichita East 10/16-17 Blue Valley North 10/23-24 Kapaun Mount Carmel 10/30-31 Newton High 11/6-7 Kansas City, KS Community College 11/13-14 Shawnee Mission East 11/20-21 Topeka High 12/4-5 Maize High
  6. Will someone please post the list or point me to where it is posted? Thanks!
  7. keiv

    State Results?

    Who's got 'em? The team I was coaching dropped in quarters, and I left during sems, so I don't know who won (I was at the 4-3-2-1A tournament). Also curious about 5 & 6A. Anyone got results to post? Thanks! When I left the 4A tournament, the 4 teams left were Miege vs McPherson, and Sumner vs Wichita Trinity. Miege was the top seed and was undefeated (they beat my team in quarters). I judged the Sumner and Trinity teams. My prediction is that the finals was Miege def Sumner.
  8. keiv

    State Results?

    (double post)
  9. When I was in high school my coach had a unique setup for the tournament we hosted. We had six prelim rounds, but in the last two rounds, the top 16 teams were bracketed. All rounds were direct powermatch. After six rounds we had an awards assembly, passed out medals for 3rd through 8th place and sweeps, then had the top two teams debate the final round on the stage in the auditorium with a panel of usually at least 7 of the best judges. All tournament participants were encouraged to stay and watch finals, and they usually did. I think it would be neat to have the top two teams at DCI debate one more round in the auditorium and for everyone to stay and watch. This may be a lame idea (many teams travel from far away for DCI, the assembly is usually pretty long because everyone gets a medal and there are the coach hall of fame inductions), but just thought I'd toss it out there.
  10. 321A 2-Speaker Sorry I didn't keep better track, I have codes but not all the student names Quarters: 1st Seed Ellinwood 57A was defeated by 7th Seed 61A Haven on a 2-1 2nd Seed Osage City 56A defeated 8th Seed 51B Ellinwood 3rd Seed 52A Sterling was defeated by 6th Seed 53A Caney Valley on a 3-0 4th Seed 52B Sterling was defeated by 5th Seed 56B Osage City Semifinals: 56A Osage City defeated 61A Haven 53A Caney Valley defeated 56B Osage City on a 3-0 Finals: 53A Caney Valley defeated 56A Osage City on a 3-0 The Caney Valley's students names are Alexis Brey and Alex Vore. This is the 3rd straight 2-speaker championship for Caney Valley. Oh and yes the team from Nickerson that was in finals was in the vehicle that flipped. As far as I could tell their only "injuries" was the mud on their clothes. Some of their squadmates were taken to hospital by ambulance, but everyone is okay. The incident happened when the wheel came off of another vehicle, causing it to lose control and hit the Nickerson vehicle, flipping it on its side. They got a ride home from the Sterling squad after finals.
  11. keiv

    R.i.p. Carl Mibeck

    Mr. Carl Mibeck, long-time debate coach, tennis coach, and history teacher at Lawrence High School, Salina Central, and Shawnee Mission North and East High Schools passed away today. Graveside service will be 1 p.m. Tues., Nov. 27th at Memorial Park Cemetery at 15th & Elmwood in Lawrence. Visitation will be Mon. Nov. 26th from 7-8:30 p.m. at Warren-McElwain Funeral Home at 13th & Mass in Lawrence. Carl was born on July 2, 1930 in Independence, KS the son of Jacob G. and Dot G. (Mortiner) Mibeck. Carl spent his first five years living with his family in Independence, until his father had to move into the Wichita, Kansas veterans hospital to be treated for lung damage received from mustard gas in World War I. Carl attended school in Wichita from third grade until his graduation from Wichita North High School. He enrolled in debate class in high school to help him overcome stuttering, and became a champion debater. He received his bachelors degree in education from Wichita University, and attended his first serious graduate work and received a Master of Education, (Psychology Major) from UCLA in 1963. He later attended an honorary post masters scholarship, and received a second Masters degree in 20th Century Intellectual History from The University of Kansas in 1969. He also attended other institutes and workshops, taking courses in social studies and debate, including an NDEA scholarship to Notre Dame in the summer of 1967. He started playing tennis at age ten, and while in college was ranked second in the Missouri Valley Conference in 1950. At Wichita State he bonded with the university president, Harry Corbin over their mutual love of tennis and politics and became doubles partners. In 1979 they won the Kansas men's doubles championship, and were the Wichita city tournament champions for many consecutive years. Carl began his long teaching career in 1954 at Salina High School. After nine years, he and his wife moved to Prairie Village, where he taught for five years in the Shawnee Mission school district both at Shawnee Mission North and East high schools. He culminated his teaching experience with twenty-one years at Lawrence High School, retiring in the spring of 1990. He was the debate coach at Lawrence High School from 1971 to 1983 and coached the squad to five state championships. Even after leaving the head debate coaching position to become chairman of the social studies department, he continued to assist the debate squad. He was elected to the Kansas DCI Debate Coach's Hall of Fame in 2001. He became a City Commissioner of Lawrence in 1975. He had also been a tennis coach and continued playing after his retirement, being elected to the Kansas Tennis Coach's Hall of Fame in 2000. Lawrence High School bestows an annual debate award and a scholarship in his name. He married Jane Anita Berschauer on November 22, 1961 in Wichita, Kansas. She preceded him in death June 29, 1998. Carl is survived by his only son, Jack R. Mibeck of Ottawa. He was also preceded in death by his sister, Rosemary Smith; and brother, Jack M. Mibeck. Carl was always interested in politics, teaching, his friends and students. His favorite politicians were Franklin Roosevelt, Norman Thomas, Winston Churchill, Robert Kennedy and Bill Clinton People that influenced his life most were his wife Jane Mibeck, his mother Dot Mibeck, his grandfather George Washington Mortimer, his tennis doubles partner Harry M. Corbin, Jr., the former president at Wichita State University, his childhood friend Charles Stansifer who became a professor at KU and was his political campaign manager. The family will greet friends on Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Warren-McElwain mortuary in Lawrence. A music rendition will be played by his son at 7 p.m. The family suggests memorials in his name to Midland Hospice and may be sent in care of the mortuary.
  12. That video was a downer to me too. Seemed to be a video about the reasons not to participate in debate.
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