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  1. I'm reading Construction of A Social Reality by him. While I find his arguments fairly solid, I haven't found a file in which they'd be useful.
  2. You took the words right out of my mouth. IF any, the education one looks alright, but they all kinda suck
  3. InTheFlesh

    Rep Bars!

    How the fuck do you have pos rep?
  4. My friend showed me this exact selection out of a book containing selected writings by Marx and I could not have been more entertained by it
  5. This was the negative team that won then, right?
  6. They were substantial, or so I thought. There wasn't just a unified understanding of the disad, so it was being answered in funky ways. T is allowed, they just decided against running it.
  7. <3 What would the impact for this be?
  8. I think the ability transcends the limits of policy debate, though. Being made to think on your feet in this arena will make it easier for you to do the same on things like tests in school. I agree with your point on school size though.
  9. Ahhhhh I hate how the website says who won before you really get to watch it, it takes the suspense out of it
  10. I'll judge, though someone will probably have to remind me when the round is over. I'll go with tab, I can answer specific questions if asked.
  11. It isn't a security K Other than that, good explination.
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