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  1. kpucci


    Hey guys, I got a generic Taoism K to run this year and I was wondering what are some common 2AC args for it (so I can prep some 2NC Blocks). I already know the generic stuff like framework,threats real, realism, etc. I was wondering what are more specific to Taoism.
  2. We just started writing yesterday. Our lab leaders said we will finish in two days but i dont know when it will be online
  3. kpucci


    I need help finding cards that say ground based lasers to destroy space debris will increase heg.....not what they do increase heg (for example: lasers destroy debris and protect our satellites, satellites kt heg).....i need them by themselves increase heg....like why the United States specifically needs to destroy debris
  4. Im in the Classic Lab that is writing that aff
  5. kpucci


    Next year is going to be my second year debating and I am writing a Helium-3 aff. I was wondering if anyone has any backfiles to it. I did not find any on the internet.
  6. I know I posted this problem before, but i still cannot get it resolved. When i open tubs in word, nothing shows up except for a white bar. (not even convert to expando or resfresh virtual tub shows up). I have tried deleting/recreating the folder. I also uninstalled/reinstalled synergy about 8 times and nothing has worked. About a month ago i emailed the person who created it and he hasn't responded. I would like to get this problem resolved before i go to camp. Does anyone know what the problem is and how i can fix it?
  7. kpucci


    He didnt respond whn i emailed him a week ago
  8. kpucci


    i tried all these and I uninstalled, deleted all the synergy files, and reinstalled it on 2 different computer about 6 Times....Gulakov, if your out there, PLEASE ANSWER
  9. kpucci


    I have Georgetown's debate synergy 1.5 and when i click on "tubs". a drop down menu appears, but it is just blank. usually their are each of my tubs then at the bottom it says "refresh and convert to expando." even those options aren't there. I emailed Gulakov and he did not respond. I am having the same trouble as this guy. http://www.cross-x.com/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=554&d=1285341565 does anyone know how i can fix it
  10. kpucci


    This is my first year at debating and right now i read at about 300 words per minute but i would like to get that up to 350 words per minute. I tried the pen drill and it sort of worked but i was wondering if there were any other good drills
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