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  1. Yes. You live a very sad, small life. Also you went to a debate camp for 7 weeks. Much sadder, however does not impact the size/importance of your life.
  2. larney is my hero. "lose yourself in the music the moment you want it you better never let it go-oh"
  3. How do you grind an axe in round? I feel like schools would consider that a weapon and wouldn't let you into the building with it. But I agree, 99% of judges are objective. They never let their own personal views, like being a republican or democrat, affect how they vote. People never tell their mom's not to vote for a certain team just because they are their rivals. And people should never have a false sense of an ego: A true sense of an ego is much better.
  4. A bomb shelter won't help you in december 2012. What was dramatic about that post? On a semi-related note, what does superfluous mean? Anyways, back to the topic: Why shouldn't we disclose? All the pro teams do. It promotes better debate. It also takes away the element of suprise, which means that no ingenuity in round or creative analytics is needed, which is perfect for the preservation of Kansas debate.
  5. I don't understand why lay judges are even allowed in debate. We shouldn't have to be able to be understood by the general public - all that does is slow down the rate we can produce arguements. It should be all about debate skill and strategy, not persuasion. Debate is like a chess match, if you want to have a public speaking conversation go to forensics (where all the good kids act anyways).
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