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  1. PM me if you got em, I've lots to trade.
  2. I is got lots to trade. PM me or whatever
  3. Looking for a comprehensive Giroux file? I've got lots to trade
  4. Looking for any congress specific files? Got lots to trade
  5. Looking to go neg against anyone on TI, I welcome any type of aff. PM me
  6. Looking for any files on Taoism Evazon files will do or anything home cut. Pm me if your interested in a trade
  7. I guess nobody decided to run the alliteration pic against Diverging Diamonds.
  8. Looking to go neg against someone on transportation. Only pm me if you are actually going to follow through
  9. Looking for recent, homecut, Framework or Heg Good files. PM me to trade, i have lots of shit for infrastructure as well as backfiles on almost everything.
  10. Btw I am David Rabbitt's partner if you were wondering
  11. All of those teams have been beaten repeatedly by the Southeastern MO teams that Cam mentioned above. Not the other way around
  12. Anyone have a good file? I have got lots to trade just PM me
  13. One more question, how long will it take for HSR to solve the three advantages?
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