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  1. Kritik their spreading in different ways
  2. I would say along with more black and brown people, there’s lots of entirely new literature bases that nobody used before
  3. Cornell KR David Rooney Gabriella Knight
  4. Q will also be forever cemented in the history of policy debate
  5. Now that begs the question: what will hemanth do after his debate career ends?
  6. Hemanth will forever be cemented in the history of policy debate
  7. Oops I put Kansas instead of Georgetown
  8. Oh hemanth Sanjeev from Harvard Lev asimow from Harvard
  9. Let’s make a list of College debaters that are graduating this year: TJ buttegerit from Binghamton Q from Kansas Katz from Kansas Natalie from Georgetown Charles from wake Rayvon from wake Hex Larsen from usc Aron Berger from usc Geo lirano from iowa Brooke kimbrough from Iowa Sam gustavason from Iowa? I know there’s more so feel free to add
  10. I think that was when there were aff in finals against Towson at ceda or maybe I’m thinking of another round. Khalil liked to dance in his 1ac though.
  11. It seems like Katz was a very traditional policy debater before this year if you look at the wikis of previous years
  12. No Q is a 2N and Katz is a 2A. Both Q and Katz debated for Kansas all 4 years
  13. What I meant was this was the 2nd year in a row that nontraditional blackness teams won the NDT
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