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  1. Best all around team (speed and open styles): WaRu CR Best Squad: WaRu Coach of the year: Mr. Dubois Best speed-style team: BVW BY Best lay team: BVN EJ (dat fire truck tho) Best Affirmative Team: BVW MN Best Negative Team: BVW BY Prettiest Speaker: Sahil Rattan Fastest Debater: Spencer Yeamans Best 1A: Chris Birzer Best 2A: Jared Nelson Best 1N: @SaveOurSahil Best 2N: OMac or Big Mike Kennedy Most likely to do well next year in high school: @SaveOurSahil Person most likely to graduate and judge: Liam Murphy Best Judge: Eric Skoglund Most underrated team: WaRu OP (Sems at state and Quarters at KCKCC...not bad) Best K debater: Maxine Werner Best Politics Debater: I honestly haven't seen that many go for politics this year - surprisingly. Best T Debater: TJ Blake's 2NR on T at WaRu was pretty tasty Most likely to be NDT champion: Kansas Ca/Go Best place to eat at the tournament: Chipotle Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: Pretty much all of BVW, WaRu, and Amit and Mac Best evidence: Ramstorph 8, or and Bacevich article Best argument: Politics Best K: The "f**k" K (SMS) Best aff: Post-Chicagax Best excuse for losing a round: Werner kicked the AFF and went for irony in the 1AR without telling me Best pen: G2 Best medium for flowing: White legal paper Best tournament for between-rounds hanging out: State or DCI Best human being: OMac
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  5. I honestly do not know why coaches are banning laptops at tournaments. I can see why coaches ban internet access at tournaments...but laptop usage? Come on now. The only thing, at least what I think, that is a little annoying about laptop usage, is how people sometimes have problems showing evidence to the opposing team because it is "their only source of evidence" so that would make the debate unfair and un educational. And some teams even have technical difficulties with their laptops like batteries dying (its happened before). I can see how coaches hosting the tournaments could see this as an issue and they want to avoid it. But the fact is, if you have a personal laptop, which a fair percentage of the Kansas population have, and you find debating on the laptop has more qualities than flaws...why not just have a universal "rule" stating laptops are all good at tournaments but use them at your own risk? It doesn't really make sense to me. If the debater would like to take the risk of technical problems in the round and doesn't care about people using his/her laptop for displaying evidence, then there should definitely be a universal rule stating that laptops are acceptable, but optional. Also, new judges of the debate community should be notified of the acceptance of laptops. Just my opinion.
  6. jk bandido. you seem pretty chill
  7. LOLZ. bandido....who do you think you are?
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