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  1. I believe you're speaking of Kato. "representing nuclear war the way they do actively facilitates the genocide of indigenous peoples" "preservation from extinction legitimize the violence we isolate--that's an action taken by the 1AC"
  2. Question. How does one access on JMUtube? I've only been able to find videos through a google search.
  3. What large K file has Bentonville produced? If you're trading away the files you stole that you were told to delete by our squad and the authors you're going to be in trouble.
  4. Same, I have a Fight Club 1NC but I don't know what this file is. PM me if you're willing to trade/give it out.
  5. SCBennett

    Dng K

    I hit this team at UT. Their aff is more investigating becoming an animal and doesn't try to be topical, so to answer other posts, no it doesn't send humans instead of monkeys into space. It does have a card or two on the topic to link it to space though. We won the round with FW and a Zizek K with similar case turns about how you can easily botch the "body without organisms" and become so far detached from the thing you are trying to change that you have no chance of accomplishing it. I think Ganondorf did a good job with the explaining.
  6. *you're. there--it's a spelling PIC.
  7. Speakers? And anyone have UTRR results?
  8. Runnin' two days late. I have governors school app. and UT this coming weekend. If it isn't up by tomorrow don't expect the block until Dec. 5th.
  9. No later than tomorrow indeed. Though I guess you have another 15 minutes...
  10. I was about to post something of this nature. Ali, can we assume you're working on it at least?
  11. Hmmmm -4 rep. Sure why not. Ali.cxer do you care about either of these guys?
  12. Alright. Just saw you were a new cx account. I'm cool with you. Thanks for judging. Need one more.
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