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  1. Will be updated in coming weeks. There is nothing to disclose yet; it'll be up well in time before the first tournament of the year.
  2. Official results? Results packet anyone?
  3. Congrats to all qualifiers, I'm sure they will do great! If Mr. Nelson is questioning who did/didn't qualify, I must say I am quite surprised Manhattan Pei/Wefald, Blue Valley West Birzer/Saiedian, Shawnee Mission East Carey/Hill, and WaRu Kearney/Schiele (arguably som of the best teams in Kansas; although to be determined at DCI/State) are not representing Kansas at NFLs this year, especially when BVW was in day 2 of elim rounds at NFL last year, both SME and BVW made it pretty deep at CFLs last year, and Manhattan is having a killer season this year. Would've been interesting to see those seniors finish strong at nats this year. That said, surely these new names will represent Kansas well. In regard to Mr. Hills' comment, although that may be a good solution, there simply aren't enough qualified judges like those at nationals to judge every qualfier. Therefore getting less experienced people is the only solution. Hopefully this will change in years to come.
  4. Just fyi, the 2011-12 Kansas Debate Wiki is up and running. Some teams have already participated in information sharing. I highly encourage debaters to participate and coaches/judges to post judging paradigms. Here is the link: http://kansasdebate.wikispaces.com/ Just a couple of comments: 1.) Use it with respect - don't post jokes about disclosure, chat conversations, images, videos, etc. and please don't deface the wiki. The trolling last year was kind of funny, but everything else was stupid and annoying, so don't create more work for the volunteers that manage the caselist. 2.) For security purposes, this year users must create an account with wikispaces and request to join the Kansas Debate Wiki. Please make your name recognizable. 3.) For help, here are some examples from this year. Feel free to try different methods such as Google Docs, Scribd, or using multiple pages. http://kansasdebate.wikispaces.com/2011-2012+---+Blue+Valley+West+---+Birzer+%26+Saiedian http://kansasdebate.wikispaces.com/2011-2012+---+Buhler+---+Boor+%26+Brunner http://kansasdebate.wikispaces.com/2011-2012+---+Shawnee+Mission+East+---+Carey+%26+Hill You can email me, PM me, or post on here if you have questions about using any of the gadgets or posting. Thanks and best of luck to everyone this year! EDIT: Please don't turn this into a disclosure vs no disclosure debate. We've had plenty of those, we've heard both sides, and for the most part, we know people's opinions will stay the same. This was simply an informational post.
  5. Goddard Harrison/Kurtzweil knocked out in round 9. Blue Valley West Mittal/Saiedian out after 10. Blue Valley Nichols/Xu out in 11. Blue Valley West Oatman/Richey out in 11. Wichita East Orsi/Redler dropped in round 12. Congratulations to seniors Harrison, Kurtzweil, Mittal, Nichols, Oatman, Orsi, Redler Richey, and Xu on fantastic careers! I'm sure we will be seeing Saiedian next year as well. Also, Lucy Orsi of Wichita East will recieve a 7-14 speaker award, and Samanthat Nichols of Blue Valley will recieve a 1-6 speaker award. Awesome job at NFL!
  6. As per twitter, only policy teams remaining include: Blue Valley Nichols/Xu Blue Valley West Mittal/Saiedian Blue Valley West Oatman/Richey Goddard Harrison/Kurtzweil Wichita East Orsi/Redler
  7. kansas.debate

    NDT results

    Northwestern with the opportunity to close out the NDT Semis are- Northwestern FS vs Michigan LZ Northwestern BK vs Emory IW Both rounds will be very interesting. BK is starring the only remaining freshman against the Copeland Award winners. If anyone could video tape or record any of the rounds, that would be awesome!
  8. kansas.debate

    NDT results

    Quarters- On a 4-1 decision, Northwestern BK advances over Baylor CM And on a 4-3 decision, Copeland winners Emory IW knock off the last Kansas debater from Harvard JP
  9. kansas.debate

    NDT results

    Baylor and Harvard advance to quarters. Kansas KQ dropped in octos to northwestern on a 4-3 decision
  10. kansas.debate

    NDT results

    Advancing to octos- Kansas Kennedy/Quigley Baylor CM Dropping in doubles- Kansas Kennedy/Petersen California Gannon/Weiner Kansas State Mendenhall/Ziegler Emporia WW
  11. Here's the deal with TOC as I understand it... KSHSAA rules prohibit teams from traveling beyond a 500 mile limit for tournaments. That said, tournaments like NFL and CFL have been approved by the association. It used to be that debaters who qualified for the TOC and were graduating that summer could attend the TOC. However, that is no longer allowed, which leaves the teams with 2 options: Either they apply as an independent, which isn't accepted by the TOC. Or, I think they can still go as the school, in which case the school is banned from all KSHSAA activities (I think. I could be wrong about teams still going as part of the school). Either way, Kansas teams cannot go. So it's not really a "textual" ban, but rather functions as a ban. I find myself regurgitating Ciera's comment, I thought hers was pretty explanitory.
  12. Wasn't trying to stir a big fight again between DCI and TOC, just an idea that was floating in my head. One last thought I forgot to mention in my initial post, the award would be named after one of the many accomplished coaches Kansas has had, not necessarily be called "Team of the Year" Everyone's opinion is important = ] I disagree with you that it would become too exclusive. I would argue that there is a larger pool of great teams on the national circuit and in college, yet their Baker Award and Copeland Award doesn't seem to be target of such criticism. In fact, they have such great competition that many times the Copeland/Baker winners are not the ones who win the NDT/NDCA/TOC, but they still get reckognized. While I agree with you about NFL/CFL, the determination of "team of the year" could exclude those tournaments because they are restricted by divisions/dioceses. Regarding your concern about national tournaments, perhaps a Best Team of the Year award would not only incentivize harder work, but also keep teams who would normally travel the national circuit to stay in Kansas. Just throwing names out there, but I know BVN, SME, and WaRu all had teams debating out of state at one time or another while there were local DCI tournaments in Kansas. While this thread isn't supposed to hate on the TOC, a team of the year award would keep competition here as opposed to seeing teams debate on the nat circuit all year then come back and win state and DCI (Yes, I know may be a rare occurance). Still, I don’t think that would make it exclusive or subjective. I know NDCA uses a mathematical equation to determine the recipient of their Baker award, which doesn’t allow room for bias or exclusiveness. This. That's an errouneous claim to make. First, I would argue that it is much easier to lose one round in the octos of state to a new broken strategy and lose your shot at winning state than it is to go 0-5 at a tournament, in which case I would doubt the team would be in strong contention for Team of the Year, DCI, or State. Second, even if it were to occur, not breaking at 1 of 7 regular tournaments has far less of an impact than losing 2 rounds at state or DCI. A stretched example I would use is an MLB or NBA team having a 5 game slide during the season but still finished the regular season champion. Not necessarily most bids, but the best performing team throughout the whole season, even though they don't win the tournament, should be crowned the "best of Kansas." Now how that is measured is still up to question: whether it be an algorithim modeled after the NDCA or as simple as most DCI bids... EDIT: This problem is not something pertaining specifically a Team of the Year award, but rather DCI in general. I don't see how the status quo is any different in terms of exclusivness as a result of larger schools with bigger budgets.
  13. So many talented teams in Kansas and only 1 wins the state championship or DCI. One silly mistake could drop a team that had performed consistently well throughout the whole season. What would the Kansas debate community think about awarding a Best Team of the Year award to the team that has the best "regular season." What I had in mind was kind of modeled like the NDCA/National Circuit Baker Award or the NDT/College Copeland Award. It could be awarded at DCI. Thoughts? How would the coaches or students feel about this?
  14. Due to lack of participation by many schools, the 2010-2011 Caselist recently underwent a change in design in order to become user friendly. As of now, 17 teams from 12 schools are participating. I know many of you are looking at it for brief ideas as to what teams are running, but please also support the project by uploading your own teams' cites!
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