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  1. ehmmm, probably Solar Panels on a planet closer to the sun, we havent decided on which planet yet though...
  2. kwaiix3


    soooo, what do you suggest I do as far as topicality?
  3. well, mine has terrorist advantage, Iran Advantage, and an Israel Advantage =] and I noticed the problems with the internal links. but I know how to work with it.
  4. I personally think Turkey TNW's is the best. and out of the ones you selected, Japan BMD is pretty damn amazing =)
  5. kwaiix3


    thank you! It came with some pretty awesome T-Blocks, so I think I'll be good =)
  6. kwaiix3


    New York City Policy Debate tournament is coming up soon, and my partner and I are going to be competing for a spot to go. We need as much help as possible please! =] We are attempting to run a New Aff. we have about a week and a half to learn it ad be able to apply it. Plan Text: The USFG should end cooperation with Japan over ballistic missile defense arms sales. Post as much as you like, but please be helpful & mindful.
  7. thanks everyone! I have 3 more tournaments before the end of my season. I was wondering if anyone had a good SKIFTA an or NATO DA?
  8. I have the MI Deterrance file, its a good 250 pages i think lol. It covers EVERYTHING! im running it at finals this month, and maybe at a few other tournaments before I go to new york at the end of the season. =)
  9. thank you sooo much! i had a michigan verson, but it was so confusing... lol thanks for the explanation <3
  10. i think im going to do a: CMR DA, Start DA, & Deterrence DA, i might throw in a Hedge or primeacy DA.
  11. cool. so Politics, Hedge, & CMR [im keeping the CMR because everyone has lost o it thus far. haha :]
  12. yes, diss ads. my spelling is terrible. and i actually like tht commerical. but can you help with my slight issue on diss ads?
  13. Hey, I was just wondering what were some good Gen. Negative arguments to run. Some great Dissad.'s and just general FYI for when running the negative. Im currently running a consult NATO cp. -CMR Dissad. and Im considering running the Lasers DA from "Gonzaga Debate Institute" but any kind of help would be mucho' appreciated.
  14. 1. well first off, run topicality. because drones dont count as military presance. and there are a few Top. files on drones specifically. 2. try your best to go line by line. and make annalitics in the 2AC and read info. on why drones are good. read reasons & evidance against what ever their evidance is. if nothing else. run analitics that make sense to you.
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