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  1. That's mostly right. If I openly post the case - people who are pleased with the SQ/only care about winning will simply take the case and block it out. If it's blocked out before we even get to the tournament, it'll make it even more difficult to get into out-rounds. Elimination rounds are where messages are more widely spread. That's why it's important that it be at least somewhat secretive. The farther this goes, the more impact we have. That makes sense, right? The ultimate goal is to spread the movement as much as we can.
  2. Please don't accuse me of caring more about winning rounds than causing change - that's offensive. I know it seems odd, but the reason I'm not putting the case out there for anyone to see is that I know that (unfortunately) there are people out there who will win at any cost. Those people will just take the case and write blocks for it. This really hurts the movement - a movement that hasn't yet gained much traction. This is especially the case since people are openly declaring they're going to be running it. If another debater sees that a district rival will be running this case - they'll try and stop the movement before it gets off the ground. I'm just trying to have the movement burst into tournaments with power... and not fizzle out before it really begins. I'm doing this because I want to see real change. You're very welcome! Thank you for your support! I'll be happy to trade - but my team will definitely be using this K.
  3. I don't know why you seem hostile..I'm sure you would know your own district better..
  4. I'd prefer you post it to openly declare solidarity then pm your email. As for backlash - that's not always bad. The case has 2 open and 1 hidden mechanism that will still get you the ballot. So if your district is even slightly open to kritiks, I think there is minimal risk.
  5. I'm writing this to ask for support, to ask for solidarity, and to ask for you to join me. I'm a debate coach, a former debater, and I judge LD at all the tournaments my team attends. I've given countless hours to this activity. But recently, I've identified a problem that requires an unorthodox solution - and I think I have that solution. I have written a kritik of the resolution that argues that this topic silences the voices of debaters, that it is undebateable, and that it is harmful to the activity that we all love. So far I've gotten a handful of debaters to commit to running this K, but now I'm turning to the rest of the community. If you find this topic to be inappropriate to debate - join us. I am offering anyone who promises to run these arguments a copy of our case and blocks for free. If you aren't serious about running this case - please don't exploit our movement by lying to me simply to get a copy of the case. All you have to do is join this movement and use these competitively successful arguments in your rounds. If enough of us run this K the NFL, TOC, and CFL will not be able to ignore our voices any longer. Do this to tell the powers that be in debate that we will not let them silence members of our community.
  6. What would you put on a reading list for someone who wanted to learn about the things they're upset about?
  7. Good ideas. This movement is so multifaceted it's hard to get a grip on what the key issues are. And no - not for anything like a school project. I'm just trying to clearly define what the fundamental concerns are (why they are there) and then resources. So for example, say their demand was an end to neoliberal economic imperialism, the resource would be Chomsky's Profit Over People. The resource is support of the existence/impact of the issue. Does that make sense? I just want to learn their positions, then understand where they get that position from. How would that make it harder for the police to justify violence? Also - the police don't really try too hard to justify their violence. They kinda just... do it.
  8. Let's say you were writing a study guide for the Occupy movement. What topics would you include? What resources (lit, movies, etc.) should someone who is trying to educate themselves on the movement look into?
  9. Now that the animal rights topic is winding down... I'm curious: Has anyone thought about or actually made the decision to go vegetarian or vegan? If so, what argument/author convinced you?
  10. I agree with Chaos - DnG seems to go neg. But I'd be very interested to hear how you would use it on the aff. I like that idea. I like it a lot. Although not really as a response to Levinas - I think there are better ways to beat the Levinas Aff. It seems like your "anti-individual" idea would be a good NC in general. Do you know any specific authors to look into? I'd love a PM if you do! As for Levinas - I think directly engaging it would work very well. Responding directly to the idea that we have moral obligations to the Other works well... as opposed to saying neither really exist. It simply seems like using it as a response to Levinas would be doing more than you would need to.
  11. So are you saying that the way individuals assist people in need is by rejecting capitalism?
  12. Thanks a ton, Sweater. That helps a lot! You said that ACs are more varied, but that standards are pretty consistent. In what way are ACs more varied?
  13. I was under the impression that LD didn't allow plans (specifically CPs). It could just be my district. I judge PF at the national/state circuit level. Both PF and LD at the district level.
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