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  1. This is based off my 1-time exposure in a very lay tournament, but i think it's some mesh of solvency arguments with spec theory. something like "how does the plan work if we don't know how much it costs", etc. IF that's close to what the argument is referencing, then i would first reccomend that you block out a sufficient response to each solvency/spec/theory argument you're used to hitting. as far as it not being a voter, the warrant for this changes depending on the neg arg. The spec args you listed would, i think, make your 1AC extra topical (especially the funding spec argument. literally every aff that specifies some obscure source of funding that i've hit (kansas HS circuit) uses that specification to dodge some of the only stable links that you get for disads). Timeframe is also another shady spec--lets you dodge any politics DA, and the neg can't reasonably prepare for 100 versions of each aff with different hypothetical advantages/solvency mechanisms for each time-frame specified. If it's a solvency argument about funding, you can just say you deficit spend. very few bills are rejected because we don't know how much they're cost. hope this is useful
  2. while i always support cutting your own evidence and doing original research... you should all definitely give me more money and buy my file <3
  3. I'm not familiar with that argument, but i'll definitely check it out.
  4. i'm only asking because i'm currently writing a paper that applies a transnational feminist analysis to Western feminist kritiks of violent masculinity in Islam/Muslim countries. some arguments you could expect would be: -links to western fem -links to feminism that isn't globally focused -links to representations of middle-east/asian stability impacts -various methods/alternatives that operate within a Transnational Feminist framework -IR theory debates (transnational feminist readings of militarism, realism, security politics, etc) -blocks for all the usual 2AC K biz that people read the length of the file would depend on community interest. just trying to make a quick buck off my schoolwork.
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