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  1. Zizek on pc: http://bigthink.com/think-tank/why-political-correctness-gets-in-its-own-way
  2. we made this aff for our last real tournament of the year and never had any problems with this The counterplans that you mention always sound like a good idea but they have problems dodging the causality indight problems tend to arise when you think about things like "how does the net benefit to the counterplan dodge the causality indight (morton)?" or "how does the net benefit address and respond to the agency of nonhuman objects" theoretically you could just read a bunch of embargo lift bad arguments against us and have a counterplan that has john boehners gavel tell congress to accept its agency, but whatever net benefit you could get would always link back into the idea of causality we have the constitution lift the embargo mainly to dodge topicality and or framework arguments because at the most basic level the constitution is the usfg, and when your in kansas if your aff seems at all critical people will just go for one off framework and not touch case so... that always helps
  3. Its not disclosed on the wiki but there is a version of it in the OOO Cuba Embargo Aff thread under evidence trading
  4. Some people asked about disclosing this aff. My school is not a big fan of the wiki but if your interested i have a full text of the 1ac on scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/199668089/1AC-First-Draft
  5. We were running our OOO embargo aff last tournament and every CX went something like this: "Wait a minute... So, you're telling me that your plan has the Constitution lift the Cuban Embargo?" "Yeah" "Uhh... How can the constitution lift the Embargo?" "Well the constitution is the highest law in the land, has its own sense of agency, and we have this magical thing called fiat." "So your saying the constitution is alive?" "That's one way of putting it."
  6. mgw: http://www.meangreenworkshops.com/evidence.php
  7. utnif: http://utdebatecamp.com/2013/utnif-2013-paperless-starter-packs/
  8. any time you run a gw advantage you need to be ready for environmental externalization k
  9. I'll trade you an ashtar file for the fight club file
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