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  1. Definitely generic terrorism => nuclear war cards. I always enjoy looking up the authors of those cards, good for the lulz.
  2. At my State Debate Tournament (Idaho)... "A is the interpretation: <Reads Resolution> B is the violation: The resolution doesn't say you can build a bank!"
  3. Being a public school doesn't mean you are a "small school" ie: GBN & GBS
  4. I'm betting that Liberal Arts & Science Academy HS is going to tear things up.
  5. HA! Thanks for the support though, lol
  6. I get off the rock with my IWW aff. I'm offended that you say it's not cool.
  7. Unico

    Mexico Affirmative

    I feel like the drug war is probably the largest internal link to US-Mexico relations, not our ports of entries.
  8. Unico

    Idea For Aff

    You could also probably roll with a trucking advantage. That's probably key to a lot of things.
  9. Problem: Small schools get eaten by big schools. Problem: Walking into an out round where the other team has three coaches prepping them out Problem: Small teams don't have access to an army of evidence producers Problem: Small schools can't travel nearly as much as big schools Problem: Small schools don't get to have "off weekends" _____________________________________________ Problem: Inequity in debate. But that's nothing new, despite how hard we try to pretend it doesn't exist.
  10. I don't think you can really predict how people will do in the future. Lots of variables and such
  11. Unico

    Help On A K

    I would take a look at it side note: One off should never be one off. Always read T and case.
  12. I can't believe nobody has said Idaho yet. I'll take that one as a pat on the shoulder. My pick is either Wyoming or Montana. Only states more rural than Idaho.
  13. As a rule, there are only so many arguments you can make on topicality. Any 2NC that is purely T is probably really repetitive. Just be word efficient and you'll be fine. Also, read cards.
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