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  1. Ohio uses the same sheet as the NFL, which you can find at http://www.joyoftournaments.com/nfl/nationals/paradigms/Blank%20CX%20Paradigm.pdf
  2. jgorman

    Big affs

    You'll probably want a newer card than this. Given that Martin's answer to nuclear winter is "the available evidence is by no means conclusive," it would be pretty easy to read a card from this millennium and say that studies have improved.
  3. George Mason University Patriot Debate Institute: http://masondebate.pbworks.com/w/page/53985733/Patriot%20Debate%20Institute%20Wiki
  4. [[ DISCLAIMER ]] The following arguments are just to prove that they can be made, and that they shouldn't be. They are all absolutely terrible. Do not make them. That is all. If the example did have an Oxford comma, I think that adds more ambiguity: I went to go see my parents, Bill, and Sue. Possible Interpretation 1: I went to go see my parents, Bill, and Sue. Possible Interpretation 2: I went to go see my parents, Bill, and Sue. Bill could be an appositive, to direct the sentence toward a certain person (a clearer example of this would be "I want you to take out the trash, Joseph, and the recycling." when someone is speaking to Joseph) I think this second interpretation would lend itself to even stranger violations: Possible Violation 1: The resolution is asking Mexico if the United States federal government should increase its economic engagement with Venezuela or Cuba. The resolutional question is what Mexico's position on the USfg increasing its economic engagement with Cuba or Venezuela would be. Possible Violation 2: Depending on how the appositive is interpreted, the resolution could be construed to be asking Mexico whether the USfg should increase its economic engagement with Cuba, or Venezuela. That would imply that one side must advocate for Cuba, and the other for Venezuela, in a truly bizarre interpretation that would lead to a terrible PF-style debate. TL;DR: while not having an Oxford comma allows some strange interpretations, having one would open the door to infinitely worse ones
  5. jgorman

    Open Ev Broke

    If you want to fix these files before NCDA gets around to it, here's what you do (windows): download all the broken files you want into their own folder open that folder in windows explorer. Shift-rightclick, open command window here (alternatively, open a command prompt and cd to that directory) type "ren * *.docx" with no quotes -- this renames all the files in that folder to their original filename (the four digit number) plus the .docx extension which allows Word to recognize them natively.
  6. The FAQ is a good place to start, but I would also recommend bringing: a power strip/surge protector - because outlets can be scarce a desktop or box fan - the castilian's air conditioning isn't great. My first year at UTNIF, my fan was indispensable; my second year, it was nice but I could have survived without it. money for food - the castilian's food is mediocre on a good day. every year, people get castle-itis from eating too much castilian food. snacks headphones - for music febreze - your room will start to smell
  7. Eastern Ohio NFL: Wooster GY Perry AZ Wooster GS
  8. Chris told me that he was having some temporary issues transferring between web hosts. The page is back up now, or you can try this URL if the one in the OP is not working: http://christopherthiele.com/debate/debate-files/. It also looks like he added some warming files that were not online at the time of his original post.
  9. Wait, is the site down? I emailed the author and I'll post the files here if he gets back to me.
  10. Imperialism is a good option as long as you have a strong alternative for it. I personally think the security K has a stronger/better link story just based on their power projection reps, but this aff links to just about every kritik. I might run terror talk as a case turn rather than a full-out kritik though; your time could be better spent somewhere else in the 1nc and you can always blow it up in the block if it becomes a more attractive option. I'd be careful with what disads you run with this type of strategy. Most politics/spending disads claim econ collapse as their impact scenario, and you leave yourself vulnerable to a double turn if you also read heg impact turns. Most policy positions won't be consistent with the kritiks but you can at least minimize your inconsistencies. As far as a North Korea disad, I'd just throw a card on case that says heg encourages North Korea. The file you linked already has a North Korea scenario in the 1ac so you'd just be link turning it rather than wasting time reading impacts they already read.
  11. There are only two active terminals but the teams I've heard run it claim to reactivate at least two of the inactive MOT's. That's not really a game changer, but something to be aware of. I would definitely run (and have ran) in = throughout. I'd consider pairing it with T-substantial - it doesn't have to be a great definition but it's a good hedge against shady counterinterps on the T-in flow. I'm honestly pretty skeptical of the magnitude of their internal links to heg - I've opted for the impact turn every time I've faced MOTs but delay in sealift doesn't seem like a fulcrum for any real sort of power projection. The nuclear arsenal doesn't need to be sealifted and has a much more potent deterrent effect than sealift. They probably have some uniqueness problems on the USPACOM advantage - I'm sure the army has brought in more troops since North Korea escalated their threats, which (1) proves that current sealift works well enough, and (2) means the US already has a large deterrent in the Pacific.
  12. What are the dates for this year's camp?
  13. jgorman

    Strat Help?

    I feel like the Burrington 98 card they read (that talks about the GSA) supports this - it shows how coalition building is key to empirical success in queer movements.
  14. I think the topic only requires that the USFG take an action that increases the engagement between its economy and the economy of Mexico/Venezuela/Cuba. It really only makes sense for it to refer to the US economy, which is commonly used in the literature. I can't imagine there's a feasible lit base for "its [economy]" to refer to solely government markets, at least in the context of economic engagement with the topic countries.
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