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  1. im talking to gopal the reason i like these teams its because i used to live in texas and the lakers was because my family just got stuck to them..bt the yankees i have always liked them ever since i was a little girl my family tried to get me to like a different team when i was getting older but i wouldnt go for the other teams so ya and i am not a bandwagon
  2. Removing drones in afghanistan a negative case...I need the neg. to say why they are good to use and why we should keep them
  3. haha! wow Either you dont watch sports or you guys are pretty stupid...
  4. NFL: Dallas Cowboys i love them i dont care how much people diss on Tony Romo I will always be a cowboys fan MLB: The New York Yankees i have been a fan of these guys like Forever This would also have to be my fav. sport:) College Sports: The Longhorns in any sport.. Tennis: Rafael Nadal Soccer: Real Madrid and Manchester United this sport is amazing, I grew up watching soccer games with my family the first sport i got introduced to NBA: Lakers and Bulls i grew up watching the bulls and recording every single Micheal jordan game that went on and after MJ retired I switched to the Lakers NHL: dont watch it
  5. Good One.. I dont really care..i just need help plus i dont expext to know everything this is my first year of Debate...
  6. Hmmm..I'm confused my coach checked my case and he said that its a harm..
  7. yes i do...:rolleyes:if i didnt then i wouldnt post the question...
  8. On how drones will lead to Perpentual War.....I need this card ASAP!!!
  9. I know but my teacher told me to do it on that topic:x
  10. well i need it because im doing a case on it...im a policy debater
  11. Give me Links, websites, or anything that you have.....
  12. Frogs_7

    MLB Playoffs

    Yankees are going to win this year (AGAIN)!!
  13. Can You please send it to me??

  14. I have a picture that really explains Inherency. I've been using it for years.

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