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  1. Belated Grats- Glad to see some talent coming out of MO.
  2. Try not even breaking at the state championship and not even taking anything over 3rd in both advanced and novice cross-examination debate this season. Very "high caliber" indeed.
  3. Agreed, hopefully the site will become more stable and making the pages a little easier on the eyes wouldn't hurt too.. Then again, the next admin could make the site one big redirect to a Rick Astley song.. Hope for the worst..
  4. Maybe the elitism amongst the long time members is what is discouraging new members from joining? Cross-x is not a nice place for new users...
  5. Feels like paying 5k for a sinking ship. A 50-50 split on the first years revenue would probably have a better chance of putting the site into good hands..
  6. Just a few questions: 1. LayeredTech - good hosting? or worth changing. a. Whats your current DEFCON level? b. Why not keep a profitable site and pay a little more for server security? c. why an independent server as opposed to a virtual machine cloud? 2. Will vBulletin transfer over, and when does it need to be renewed? 3. Is Cross-x still under attack? 4. Why the high sticker value for something thats dieing, its obvious cross-x.com is declining in value/active membership. 5. Evazon, any existing royalty arrangements we should know about. 6. Are you selling this for the money or because you no-longer want to invest the time in it? a. If its a time issue, why are you selling instead of having someone administrate the site for part of the revenue? 7. On the ebay page you say,"With an overhaul current advertisers would renew and others would come back." a. can you be a little more specific, like are there any active advertising contracts?
  7. I love this, for this being the first release it did way better than I thought it would be, the more and less options make me happy, very nice program, I'm looking forward to the updates.
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