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  1. Hi, you might remember me as the guy who made policy debate memes five years ago. In the past five years, I've been coaching Public Forum in Shanghai, China. This summer, I will be introducing Policy Debate to the more advanced students. I moved my way up to a management position in a new debate company that started in the fall. We're expanding next semester, so we're looking to bring in some new debate coaches into into the fold! About Us: We are a new debate company based in Eastern China focused on American-style debate. Harbinger Debate teaches classes in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, and Ningbo (All nearby cities). The founders of the company both did debate in the United States and have extensive experience in coaching Public Forum. In order to expand, we are looking for qualified candidates to come to China and join our coaching staff, who with debate or debate coaching experience on specific debate formats including public forum debate, policy debate, Congressional debate, Lincoln Douglas debate or others. DEBATE IN CHINA: The NSDA China branch hosts 20+ Public Forum competitions each semester. The format of PF is the same as it is in America other than the fact that they only have three topics per year: one for each semester + one for NSDA China Nationals in August. The debates are held in English, so no need to understand the Chinese language. The coach will be based in Shanghai, China. Job Duties: Report directly to the Academic Director. Teach Speech and Debate classes in our after-school program, online and in local schools. Develop case strategies, cut cards, and contribute to topic briefs. Revise cases/blocks written by students. Assistance with Marketing. Help plan and run the Hangzhou NSDA Regional. Collaborate with Teaching Assistants in order to give feedback about debater’s performance. Give advice to students while they’re at competitions. Qualified Candidates: Experience competing in Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Congress or Policy Debate. Bachelor’s Degree. Willingness to travel to nearby cities for both classes and competitions. Strong work ethic. Compensation: Highly competitive salary + bonuses based on numbers of hours taught. Assistance in finding housing. Generous vacation allowance. Flexible weekly working hours. Health Insurance for international hospitals. Opportunity to own equity in the company. Help in sponsoring a work visa. Interested candidates may send their CV to coachjim@joydebater.com
  2. Novice CX "What is biodiversity?" "It means lots of bios" I rolled around the floor laughing for a good five minutes unrelated: that kid does PF now
  3. I'm looking for a public forum debate coach to begin working in February, with training sessions to begin sooner. Compensation for classroom hours is 30 dollars an hour. Compensation for training and prep hours is 20 dollars an hour. In class hours will be approximately 15 a week; limited prep hours. Monthly pay is approximately $2000 a month. The immediate position lasts from approximately middle of February-June. Additional gigs are available in the summer and the fall, based on the success of the individual hired in this initial position. The person I want to hire: 1. Is an experienced (and successful) competitor, coach, or both, in flow debate (PF, LD, or Policy). Debate experience can be either in college or high school. 2. Has a college degree. 3. Is highly competitive. I want a coach who's ego is tied up in winning. I don't want someone who's primarily interested in logging their hours and getting their check. 4. Is sincerely interested in learning during training sessions with the director. Unless you are a very experienced teacher and coach, you must be interested in being taught to teach and coach. For the right candidate, who genuinely applies him or herself to learning the complex and difficult craft of teaching, this position offers not only a good paycheck, but also the opportunity to develop the professional skills necessary for long term career success. We run a very successful program; we only want the best coaches and teachers. If you are successfully employed here, and eventually move on, having this position on your resume will mean a lot of interest from prospective employers in the competition speech and debate field. 5. Enjoys working with, and has a good rapport with, middle and high school aged students. 6. Is highly intelligent. This job has a steep learning curve, and I need someone who applies him or herself and learns fast. 7. Is highly conscientious. I need someone with good follow through, both with students and admin. This person should expect to do case work, cut cards, write topic breakdowns, complete evaluations, run practices and scrimmages, teach some non-competition classes, and maintain an ongoing record of debater progress, competition round results, upcoming tournaments and registration, and other such stuff. I'm not looking for someone I must remind about tasks; I'm looking for someone who can, and wants to, take ownership of an array of coaching and teaching responsibilities. 8. Has a good laptop, and has a phone that sends and receives text messages. We are a very successful program, having won NJFL in both Policy Debate and Public forum in the past couple years. While the position is primarily coaching Public Forum and working with Middle Schoolers, any LD/Policy experience would be a bonus as I'd like to have someone around that I can bounce ideas off of. If you're interested, send an email to madgooseentertainment[at]gmail[dot]com and I will refer qualified candidates to my boss.
  4. I got an update that he got admitted into a better public school in the area, so it all worked out in the end.
  5. One of my former coaches told me it had something to do with the Adam's Apple but he was an idiot so I don't know if that was credible or not. My female partner did no speaking drills and was hella faster than me.
  6. and I don't know if this counts but half the faculty at my school dislike Zizek because was a total dick to everyone when he was a visiting professor years ago. He would put sign up sheets on his office door and fill it up with fake names so he could sit in his office and do a bunch of coke instead of meeting with students
  7. Basically Baudrillard vs. Everybody really
  8. CX: Are trees queer? my partner: If they want to be
  9. OP had the nerve to demand an apology from me on my facebook page because his coach made an ass of himself all over my blog
  10. "that's kafkaesque yo" *jesse pinkman voice*
  11. I use this: http://debate-ie-timer.sourceforge.net/ Keeps track of prep time and provides formats for both Speech and Debate (including college and high school policy)
  12. This didn't happen to me, but one of my novices when I was a debater on the nukes. A team ran a word PIC ("weapons" bad-- I didn't catch what they were switching it with) against them and the judge basically said "so they have this great plan that they came up with and you think they should lose because you think [whatever] is a better word than weapons? If they stayed at home and smoked pot while playing halo, they would have had more education out of that than your stupid PIC"
  13. I wasn't really responding to his comment, but to address it: the speech kids ARE NOT THE ISSUE HERE. Yes, they are acting petty and screwing over a kid who, according to all reports, loves debate simply because they don't like him. The main culprit in this case is the coach who obviously doesn't give a fuck about her students, team, etc by not rectifying this issue and has been quite rude and dismissive in emails and posts on this thread.
  14. so the fact that I have more than twice as many reputation points as posts means I'm hot shit, right? Here's a dismissive and haughty comment: the Arcadia coach is unrepentant and doesn't give a shit about policy debate, let alone any speech and debate activity and seems like an absentee coach who lets the inmates run the asylum and they're petty little shits who are ruining the future of a very promising debater and it is a god damn shame. My only advice to Kirk (if he reads this) is to seek legal recourse. Everybody who has messaged/contacted me regarding this had nothing but nice things to say about Kirk. He's an exceptional straight-A student, a team player, and his work evidence is evidenced in that he spent 8 hours a day prepping for the NJFLs. So the fact that ArcadiaSpeechDebate (who I suspect is the coach--an IP address check would go a long way in proving this) would go as far as to bury one of their most promising students on a public forum is beyond the pale.
  15. poor meme form.. too much text on the top covers up captain hindsight's face 4/10
  16. Ok! I have an update: " I am a student at Arcadia High School as well as a follower of your blog/tumblr. I am good friends with both JW as well as KW, and I would just like to say that the e-mail provided to you in terms of contacting the team is solely for the speech and debate "officers", not the coach --- Novak herself. I feel that in order to really help both KW as well as JW, people should be aware of her school e-mail that students use to contact her: anovak@ausd.net Also, the officers made their decision based off of KW's attitude. I was not there to witness his tryout myself, but from what I've heard, he apparently spread, and when they told him to stop, he slowed, but continued to go at a pretty quick speed (to people not accustomed to spreading). Then, he did not entirely engage their questions, saying that their questions were not relevant in his case/research (you have already talked about that). Also, apparently, after he finished the tryout, before the door closed he told people outside that the tryout was easy and that he most likely made it in. This is not the fault of KW; he was unaware that Arcadia was predominantly a "lay" school. He treated the debate tryout as if it were an actual debate round. KW does not have a Facebook, so he was unaware of how Arcadia's tryouts work. He worked hard to prepare for the tryout, and again, he treated it like an actual round (as it should be). So overall, the officers made their decision because they thought he was an "asshole", and they didn't want a stuck-up person who only craved winning on the team. Straying away from my original point, I want to say that I know KW personally, and he is far from being an "asshole". He is kind, considerate, willing to help, and a hard-worker. Sure, he wants to win, but that's a mentality that drives his work ethic. He's a great kid, and the officers' perspective of him is not one that should be his identity. So to underview (sorry this message is going all over the place), the e-mail that you have (ArcadiaSpeechDebate@gmail.com) is the e-mail for the officers, who probably will not regard this issue at all. The e-mail I have provided you (anovak@ausd.net) is the school e-mail of the coach. Hopefully we can resolve this issue and rightfully make KW an Arcadia debater."
  17. I speak at a significantly faster pace.
  18. This major bummer was submitted to me anonymously on the FYPD facebook page: This really grinds my gears. Tryouts for a debate team is bad enough as it is, but having speech kids decide who gets to do policy? That’s like having the French Club kids decide who gets to be in the Spanish Club. I took the initiative to find their debate team’s email: ArcadiaSpeechDebate@gmail.com. Please email their coach and let her know she’s making a huger mistake than Gob Bluth ever made. Please be civil and articulate when doing so.
  19. I'm done with it. He can say all he wants about me on his incoherent hate blog, I've sufficiently proven he has zero credibility.
  20. May we trade off all of our good players for prospects to Pirates and teams in contention to the wild card so they bar you from making the playoffs.
  21. I know it's him because he has intimate knowledge of what happened in the elim round he's complaining about (the whole "it sucks to lose on it's okay to drop arguments because we rode the bus" thing--sounds like he's mad about losing to a race k)
  22. Oh trust me this doesn't bother me I actually threw my back out laughing so hard* when my friend sent me a text saying he's hateblogging me. I used to be a hardcore internet troll about ten years ago, been banned from countless message boards/livejournal communities (that's what we had before tumblr!)/irc chatrooms/MUD/MUCK/Telnet games etc (I bet you kids don't even know what that means) it takes a lot to upset me/piss me off. I'm just slightly shocked an appalled that a debate coach would conduct himself in this manner... well actually not I used to subscribe to the edebate listserv and am a member of the NDT/CEDA tradition facebook group. *I'm pretty sure this gives me more ground for a lawsuit than he does.
  23. The comment service is provided through a third party site (disqus). I tried to trace the IP address but when we switched over to fuckyeahpolicydebate.com it screwed everything up and I was too lazy to fix it. The comment I'm referring to is right here http://fuckyeahpolicydebate.com/ask
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