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  1. Remember that time somebody cared about what you thought?
  2. Congrats to BVW BY on yet another successful tournament finishing undefeated at the warmup. It has been a pleasure debating with all of you the last 4 years, and best of luck to the Kansas teams at NCFL and NFL!
  3. Kansas policy debate- NFL Buhler Crane/Brookman (WKNFL) Blue Valley Southwest Locke/Super (TTNFL) Blue Valley Southwest Novicoff/Davis (TTNFL) Campus Youel/Welch (SUNNFL) Field Kindley Foster/Wright (SKNFL) Goddard-Eisenhower Crist/Harrison (SUNNFL) Hutch Blake/Sain (WKNFL) Hutch Kambreer/Crater (WKNFL) Kapaun Meyer/Scott (SUNNFL) Olathe North Miller/Porter (TTNFL) Pittsburg Brummitt/Cronister (SKNFL) Pittsburg Hawn/Matthews (SKNFL) Shawnee Mission East Murphy/Tulp (EKNFL) Shawnee Mission East Walter/Walter (EKNFL) Shawnee Mission West Lekie/Purohit (EKNFL) Wichita East Jin/Kamath (SUNNFL)
  4. Pretty extra-topical, but that may be the point. You could claim to undermine borders toward a particular country....and that might work. Cuba comes to mind. I kind of think dialog, however would be a mechanism to get there (see the radical democracy argument/discussion above). Under this you get to claim 2 methods to solvency. Sure they could exclude one, but saying "discussions bad" is pretty difficult ground to be on. If they exclude the other part.....the open border or at least more open border....they would potentially even shut down some of the discussion. I think there is synergistic solvency from leveraging BOTH mechanisms. Limits bad, fiat's not real, bye bye F/W and T. But I was more thinking of the Mexican border. That way you can actually engage the T debate and at least be reasonably tied to the topic. I think that this could even be read as a policy aff. Advantages that come to mind are economy (jobs) and oil/ natural gas for sure. I think that you have a good case for relations advantages as well since the border is the epitome of illegal immigration and any resemblance of a strained relationship stems mainly from there. Idk, you can do a lot with it but I think it would be better as a K aff.
  5. I think an aff to open the border would be pretty good. The plan text would just be effects topical at worst. Then you can probably read about 6 minutes of why borders are bad. The T debate probably wouldn't be an issue if you know how to read a K aff.
  6. I'd have to agree with Mac on this. I think you can focus on how American companies created hyper inflation and destroyed Latin American economies for the last half century. As an aff, unless you're reading some weird K aff that deconstructs neolib somehow I think that you're on the wrong side of the link everytime. While the borders K might be a little more fun since it doesn't link to every topic, neoliberalism is certainly my first choice when I glance at this topic wording.
  7. Shout out to some of the SME guys... Michael, Liam, Sam..? Where you guys going?
  8. A- Who is going? Olathe North MP will be there B- When is it? (Shout out to Chief here)
  9. We probably won't be reading that K aff. We have a new one that we're breaking. But we also read HSR with econ, warming, or oil-d. And we have a new advantage that we could break for that as well.
  10. No. Kansas has very strict rules passed down from the Third Reich which regulates our travel extensively. We can only go to policy tournaments second semester if we qualify to NFL or CFL nationals. And even then we can only attend three. Most of us went to Colleyville and we all go to the warmup at KCKCC. BVW went to Heritage Hall and I think that SME is going to HoFlo.
  11. Olathe North Miller/ Porter will be there- any word on the judging?
  12. What is the judging pool typically like at this tournament? I'm coming from the KC area so I'm not too familiar with Missouri debate or this tournament specifically.
  13. Well Olathe North had a fun Octas debate against St. Marks (not) and BVW BY picked up their fourth bid. Congrats to Chris and Spencer-
  14. BVW BY and ON MP end up clearing from Kansas. Sorry to the WaRu guys, I knew I was missing somebody lol
  15. Through 4 rounds- BVW BY 4-0 BVW MN 3-1 BVSW LS (I believe they were 3-0 going into 4th, might have been 2-1, not sure how their 4th round went) BVN EJ 2-1 going into 4th round ON MP 3-1 Campus ?? ? Emporia HS 2-1 going into 4th Wichita East 1-2 going into 4th
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