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    As things have been coming up through OpenEv, I've been noticing that there isn't a lot of... Unique topic stuff. Like, basically Oil, Tix, Elections, Spending, Dedevelopment [if you want to call it a DA], Federalism and the various HSR specific DAs make up the majority of DAs produced by camps this year. So my question is: What are people cutting this year in terms of DAs? Any interesting ideas?
  2. cptjke


    2 Interesting questions based off of this for the cross-x community (Note that this idea has been floating around in my head ever since some points where made back and forth at the Digital Debate Camp, which is awesome might I add, and I claim no credit for being the first to think of it) 1) So the topic reads "its transportation infrastructure investment" so does the word its coming before transportation infrastructure instead of investment change anything? I mean, grammatically it seems that transportation infrastructure is the object of the substantial increase rather than outright money (or other resources) as we would tend to define investment as; however it seems like many people are interpreting the topic to mean "investment in transportation infrastructure." Which is right? 2) If its modifies investment, does the bidirectionality of just needing to increase resource use for transportation infrastructure make a huge difference in how this year may play out, or will few people take advantage of it?
  3. Southern Wisconsin: Rufus King High School KR - Carson Robers and Zach Komes Marquette University High School CT - Matt Cekanor and Tyler Thur
  4. From the Milwaukee Diocese: Rufus King: Budny/Kidwell Rufus King: Elias/Stokes-Beamon Mukwanago: Friske/Lant Mukwanago: Nelson/Payne West Bend: Idk their team really, they kinda took quals by shock. Just as an odd note, does anyone know whether or not the qualifiers will be on the wiki before the tournament?
  5. Sorry it took so long, been really distracted and really busy. But here's the 2AC, tell me if there's a problem or not: http://www.mediafire.com/?vcfax8g5d391gid Open for cross-x
  6. Interesting... If I do not have that, I may be PMing you about trading
  7. The standing reserve thing??
  8. O, I already have a cut version of that
  9. Any of them larger than 2 cards about seriousness/the Onion 98 card? If so, PM me. I will trade for that
  10. 12) It's fine. I know what I was thinking lol. 22) Nice nice Thanks man, I don't think I have any other questions. I do ask, can we postpone this till like Sunday? I have State Extemp/Congress Friday and Saturday and a lot of work to do
  11. O, whoops! Just got on and saw this ummm... So, cross-x. 1) Status of Privatization? 2) Does the American economy have the money and ability to give these massive tax breaks? 3) How do we guarantee that corporations will take part on in your little game? 4) Status of Adv CP? 5) How is the Adv CP Competitive? 6) On DipCap, what are the warrants of Krepon 8? 7) Is you Wright 3-2 evidence future predictive to further opening the door with Iran? 8) Will Iran actually comply and remove their attempts at nuclearization, assuming they're trying to get a nuclear weapon? 9) How does going to the moon to mine He-3 revoke the basis of cooperation that was established after we lost our space shuttles and relations began to be established? 10) What are the warrants of Lasker 10? 11) What's the link to the Blackout DA? 12) Why does the aff uniquely cause the impacts when population growth is already increasing it in the SQuo, based on common sense? 13) Is it impossible to expand or repair an electric grid? 14) Do you have a SINGLE argument with a "short timeframe"? 15) Can you name a single economic downturn that resulted in a major war? 16) Does Kim Jung-Il (if he were still alive) want to be killed? 17) Does your Kriger and Ellsberg 3-27 card ACTUALLY say extinction? Or is it just your highlighting hiding the parts where they say "most"? 18) What's the link on giving back the land? 19) Why does Avatar the last airbender matter? 20) I hate Avatar. Yes, I know that was not a question. 21) Are the characters of Avatar the last airbender based on real natives, or mythical made up characters who can shoot and do magic type shit? 22) Is that cat story legit part of the Churchill 3 card? 23) Is naturalization good? That should be it I think
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